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Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS poster

Ran across this on the web today and was fascinated by this vintage poster of Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS (1974). I’ve heard of pulp movies, but there’s also a “Nazi exploitation” genre?! Warning: trailer on IMDb page NSFW. Looks like Collectorpimp Collectibles is the owner of this JPG, although I noticed it first […]

Caribbean Cruising

My extended family had the opportunity to take the Caribbean Princess out of New York for nine days to Bermuda, San Juan, St. Thomas, and Grand Turk. I will attempt to sum up the worthwhile excursions and ship activities that we had the pleasure of experiencing. Pull up a separate window of the photos as […]

E-mail subscription now available

I’ve now added a simple link to the site sidebar if you want to subscribe to new entries to your e-mail. Coming up: Review of our family cruise to the Caribbean! I’ll highlight the most enjoyable places we got to see in Bermuda, San Juan, St. Thomas, and Grand Turk. Since a picture is worth […]

Today, we declare

Before distracting yourself with BBQ and fireworks, take 20 minutes to brush up on your July 4th knowledge. Reading the Declaration of Independence this morning may even make for good conversation over a few beers tonight! I’ve always had an interest in manuscript history. The Declaration of Independence is literally America’s most celebrated manuscript, and […]