Zepfanman.com is J. J. DiUbaldi’s Internet home base. The content on the site is an eclectic hodgepodge of my interests over the years. My goal is to connect people and facilitate sharing in a way that only the Internet can provide. Zepfanman.com is here to bridge the gap between cutting edge technology and time-tested Internet tools.

J. J. in a suit

I keep LinkedIn up to date. E-mail me for complete résumé and references.
PC maintenance
I have been repairing computers since the late 1990s; this involves hardware replacement as well as software & OS recommendations (mainly Windows & Linux). I don’t do home computer maintenance professionally, but I have references. Contact me through e-mail for a quote, particularly if you live near Louisville, KY.
Web standards & accessibility statement
Zepfanman.com is designed with web standards in mind. These are principles that make the Web accessible to all users (despite differences in culture, education, ability, resources, and physical limitations).

Finding me on the Internet

The Internet is an ever changing mess of technology, I admit. Listed below are a few of the services I use the most, in approximate order of most-to-least visited.


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