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UPDATE '10Apr26 To save you some time, I'll tell you up front that there isn't really a solution posted on this page. It hasn't been updated since early 2007 when I decided to stop allowing comments. I'm leaving this here mainly for historical purposes. It's a display of the frustrations caused by poor customer service. Lesson learned: Don't trust "the Internet" with precious data, especially your e-mail. Either be willing to lose it, or learn to back it up on your own computer.

Yahoo! deactivates accounts without warning

UPDATE: My Yahoo! account has been restored, but some issues still linger. See details below.

Yahoo! deactivationAs I attempted to log in to my Yahoo! account on Thursday morning, I was shocked to find out that my account had been deactivated overnight. The reason that I'm posting this is to let people know that it can happen to you! Also, Yahoo!'s customer service is horrible. I could not find a 1-800 number anywhere on their site, so I called their long-distance number three different times to talk to different people and finally gave up. Their solution was to e-mail; I don't think I will ever hear back from them. I've used Yahoo! services heavily over the years and am very disappointed that they would let a customer's data be lost so easily.

For those of you using Flickr, people are already up in arms about Yahoo! acquiring them. At first, I didn't see what the big deal was, but now that I realize one of the big implications, I'm not happy. Apparently, Flickr is eventually going to require all users of their service to have a Yahoo! ID to log in. Here's my problem: what if I had already merged my Yahoo! account with my Flickr account?

  1. All of our Flickr photos would be kaput!
  2. Yahoo! won't even tell me what happened. I can only assume that point 1 would be true. This is the other problem; Yahoo! will not respond to my e-mails to them about this.
  3. Does Pro count for anything? I've invested $47.99 into two years of Flickr, as well as $19.99 for Yahoo! Mail Plus. If Yahoo! decided that my Flickr account should be deleted, would they tell me why? Would I have as hard of a time finding out what happened as I have with my current Yahoo! fiasco? Would they consider me more of a valued customer because I paid for a Pro account… and consequentially strive to let me know ASAP what happened? The one thing I was able to do when my Yahoo! account died was get the Mail Plus fee credited back to me, pro-rated. (Yes, I should have stopped paying Mail Plus a long time ago and gone with an e-mail that comes free with my web hosting service, but I never got around to it.)

I have filed a BBB complaint and posted to several Flickr groups (I couldn't find a relevant Yahoo! message board). As I mentioned, there have been heated discussions about Yahoo! acquiring Flickr, but I haven't heard anyone mention a case like mine. From Flickr Central, the yahoo | flickr login options (Aug15) post was pretty popular. Wired magazine helped get the word out with their Flickr Fans to Yahoo: Flick Off! (Aug29) article. I've also posted the complaint Yahoo deactivates accounts without warning on both the Flick off and Flickr Central discussion groups at Additionally, I posted Accessing Flickr photos if Yahoo! account is deactivated? on Flickr Help. So far (as of Tuesday afternoon), the Flickr Central post has gotten the most response.

Here is my Better Business Bureau complaint (private information replaced with [J. J.]).

On Thursday, Oct. 27, I could not log in to my Yahoo! account. Upon
entering my verification information, I was able to determine that my
account was deactivated. This took me completely by surprise! I 
looked through their Terms of Service and could not identify anything
that I had done which would match up with reasons for termination 
(see sections 6 and 13). I 
immediately submitted a comment through the contact form on their 
website. To make a long story short, I've called and e-mailed several
times in the past four days, but I'm tired of getting unsatisfactory
responses. The e-mail chain below gives a complete history. I have 
not received a response since the last e-mail on Friday. (FYI, I was 
using the [J. J.] e-mail at the time; now that I've had a few days to
contemplate which e-mail I want to use, I've decided on my current 
[J. J.] address.) Thanks for everything you do and your consideration
in this complaint!

- [J. J.]
- Yahoo! customer

[J. J.] wrote:
Subject: Re: Feedback - unexpected deactivation (KMM47250153V18034L0KM)
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 20:12:01 +0200

I've made three phone calls to Yahoo! to make sure I'm doing the right
thing. My Mail Plus payment is apparently being refunded, so I'm at
least happy about that.

Could you please give me more information about why my account has been
deactivated? I've read Section 6 of the TOS and can't see where I've
violated any of the policies listed. Once again, this is my primary
e-mail account, so I'd like to get it resolved ASAP. Can you also tell
me why users are not getting an "account inactive" notice when they try
to send an e-mail to [J. J.]?

--- [J. J.] wrote:

> To: Yahoo! Account Services
> Subject: Re: Feedback - unexpected deactivation
> (KMM47250153V18034L0KM)
> From: 
> Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 20:22:01 +0200
> I thought I'd mention up front that I pay a yearly
> fee for POP access to
> this Yahoo! Mail account. If nothing else can be
> done with the account,
> I would at least expect a pro-rated refund for the
> remaining months
> that I paid up front. 
> files wrote:
> > As I mentioned in my original request, I got a
> notice that my "account
> > has been deactivated" after I couldn't log in. My
> yahoo address is my
> > primary e-mail account, so I would appreciate a
> quick reply!
> >
> > 1. Yahoo! ID: zepfanman
> > 2. Date of birth (mm-dd-yyyy): [J. J.]

> > 3. ZIP/Postal Code: [J. J.]
> > 4. Country: USA
> > 5. Alternate (non-Yahoo!) email address that we
> currently list: [J. J.] (although I
> prefer to be contacted at this address,
> [J. J.]
> > 6. Your new alternate email address, if it needs
> to be updated (please
> > note that this cannot be a Yahoo! Mail address):
> [J. J.]
> > 7. Secret Question and Answer: [J. J.]
> >
> >
> > Yahoo! Account Services wrote:
> Hello,
> Thank you for contacting Yahoo! Customer Care.
> Your feedback has reached an area of Customer
> Care dedicated to login and registration questions
> and problems. If you are currently able to sign in
> to your account but have a question specific to a
> particular Yahoo! service, please return to our help
> site at:
> and click on the appropriate Yahoo! service to
> get help or access a feedback form.
> This is an automated message that has been sent
> to provide you with information about the most
> common login and registration questions. If your
> answer is not included in this email, please follow
> the instructions at the end of this message and your
> request will be reviewed by a Customer Care
> representative.
> Within this email, you will find information that
> will help you:
> Because your password is personal and private to
> your account, Yahoo! Customer Care does not have
> access to this information. For this reason, we are
> unable to verify your current password, reset your
> password or determine why your previous password is
> now invalid. However, the following are common
> causes of 'invalid password' errors. Please review
> this information prior to requesting a new password
> as explained below.
> 1. Passwords are case-sensitive, meaning that
> PASSWORD, PaSsWoRd, and password are not equivalent.
> Please keep this in mind when entering your
> password. If your 'Caps Lock' key is depressed or
> your 'Caps Lock'
> indicator is lit, you may be typing in all
> capital letters.
> 2. If you have recently changed your password or
> received a new password, please allow our system a
> period of 24 hours to recognize this
> updated login information.
> 3. Please note that 'Invalid ID' and 'Invalid
> Password' have different meanings. If you receive
> an 'Invalid ID' message, you have entered an ID that
> is not recognized on our system. Please confirm the
> spelling of
> your Yahoo! ID.
> If you are unable to login to your Yahoo! account
> due to an 'Invalid Password' error and the
> information contained at
> does not assist you, you will need to request a
> new password. Please remember that Customer Care
> may not reset your password, remind you of your
> current password or provide any additional
> information regarding your current login problem.
> To request a new password:
> 1. Return to the Sign-in page:
> 2. Click the 'Forget your ID or password?' link
> 3. Confirm your identity by entering your date of
> birth, zip or postal code and country
> 4. Enter your Yahoo! ID in the 'Forgot your
> password?' box on the left side of the screen
> 5. Click the 'Get New Password' button
> If you would like to have your new password
> displayed on the screen and your account has a
> Password Challenge Question, please type your answer
> in the appropriate box and click 'Display New
> Password.'
> If your account does not contain a Challenge
> Question or you prefer to have your new password
> delivered via email, please click the 'Email New
> Password' button. A new password will be emailed to
> the alternate (non-Yahoo!) address we have on file
> for your account.
> To search for your Yahoo! ID:
> 1. Return to the Sign-in page:
> 2. Click the 'Forget your ID or password?' link
> 3. Confirm your identity by entering your date of
> birth, zip or postal code and country
> 4. Enter your email address in the 'Forgot your
> Yahoo! ID?' box on the right side of the screen
> 5. Click the 'Find Yahoo! ID' button
> The address you enter as item No. 5 must be the
> same address (non-Yahoo!) that you entered during
> registration with Yahoo!. The search results will
> be emailed to the same address. If you did not
> provide an email address or you no longer have
> access to the account, you will be unable to receive
> the search results. Please see below if you need to
> update this address.
> You may update your Password Challenge Question
> and Secret Answer only if you can provide the answer
> to your current question. To protect the security
> and privacy of Yahoo! accounts, we will provide
> login help only
> when a correct answer to your current question is
> provided.
> To update your Password Question/Secret Answer,
> please send the following information from the
> Yahoo! account for which you want the
> Question/Answer changed. If you do not use Yahoo!
> Mail, please send the
> information from the alternate email address
> currently listed on the account to:
> and write "Re: Password Question and Secret
> Answer" in the Subject line.
> 1. Yahoo! ID
> 2. Date of birth (mm-dd-yyyy)
> 3. ZIP/Postal Code
> 4. Country
> 5. Alternate email address
> 6. Your current Password Question and Secret
> Answer
> 7. Your requested Password Question and Secret
> Answer.
> Please Note: The punctuation, spelling, and
> spacing of your new Secret Answer are very
> important. We will copy the Secret Answer exactly
> as it
> appears in your email.
> To remove your Yahoo! account, please log in to
> the account you wish to delete and visit:
> Read the on-screen instructions carefully, as
> important information regarding your request will be
> included. Please complete this process only if you
> are certain that you would like to remove your
> entire Yahoo!
> account, including any personalized features and
> information such as address books, emails, profiles,
> and messenger access.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> If you did not find your answer in this message
> or need further assistance, please reply to this
> email and provide the information requested below
> along with a description of the problem you're
> having. Without all of this information, we may be
> unable to process your request:
> 1. Yahoo! ID 2. Date of birth (mm-dd-yyyy) 3.
> ZIP/Postal Code
> 4. Country
> 5. Alternate (non-Yahoo!) email address that we
> currently list
> 6. Your new alternate email address, if it needs
> to be updated (please note that this cannot be a
> Yahoo! Mail address)
> 7. Secret Question and Answer
> Note: In order to ensure your email is sent to
> the correct department, please do not change the
> subject line. Doing so may delay your email from
> reaching a Customer Care representative.
> Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Customer
> Care.
> Regards,
> Yahoo! Customer Care
> For assistance with all Yahoo! services, please
> visit:
> New and Improved Yahoo! Mail - better than ever!
> Original Message Follows:
> ------------------------
> Mail-Id: 1130417939-6809
> Yahoo! ID: zepfanman
> Question: Other
> Type your feedback here:
> My account was unexpectedly deactivated today. I
> really hope that means that all the time and loyalty
> I've invested in Yahoo! products has not been
> totally lost. Please let me know ASAP what happened
> to my account. [J. J.] is my primary e-
> mail account!
> While Viewing:
answer_id=8393025 [or just use]
> Yahoo ID: unknown : no amt link
> Browser: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0;
> Windows NT 5.0; .NET CLR 1.1.4322)
> REMOTE_HOST: unknown
> Date Originated: Thursday October 27, 2005 -
> 05:58:59
> -------

If you happen to be a Flickr/Yahoo! employee, I would appreciate any help that you can give. I will keep this page updated if I get any responses! You can remember this link a little more easily as

UPDATE (Nov1 evening): First, let me say that my account has been completely restored (all data still intact; not even any bounced e-mails while the account was incogneto). I'd also like to say thanks to three Flickr staffers, Ana, Terrence, and Heather for addressing the poop. I'm curious if they were the ones who helped discover that there were some Yahoo accounts deactivated in error a few days ago. Has Yahoo! Customer Care (YCC) been ignoring my constant pleas and it finally took a fellow (Flickr) employee to wake them up to the problem? If YCC was aware of the issue earlier, why couldn't they reply and let me know they were working on it? These other Yahoo customers and I should be awarded punitive damages! I need a lawyer ;-)

Ahh, but the story isn't over. I'm on a destroy-big-business kick, so why not see if I can get my related issues addressed? Here is my latest e-mail correspondence, this time replying to Flickr since YCC has been completely unresponsive. Notice the response, only 15 minutes after I submitted through their website contact form! Thank you again, Flickr support; teach YCC something, please.

My contact form submission to Flickr, sent around 3:30:
My Yahoo! account was deactivated on Thursday. I 
have tried to contact Yahoo! by e-mail and phone 
several times, but haven't gotten any helpful 
responses. Fortunately, I had not tied my Flickr 
account in with my Y! account yet (mainly as a 
precaution against something like this happening.) 
I have posted the details of this problem on my 
blog, as well as on Flickr Central and Flickr 
Help. I did want to contact you directly, though, 
since the Flickr team has had a better customer 
service record than Yahoo!  This is now day 6 and 
I have not heard anything back from Yahoo! Details

Flickr Support  	Tue, Nov 1, 2005 at 3:45 PM
To: [J. J.]
I'm very sorry to hear this.  I don't know exactly what's
going on over there, but apparently there were some Yahoo
accounts deactivated in error a few days ago.  We've
contacted Yahoo Customer Care on behalf of several Flickr
users who lost access to their Flickr accounts as well and
they've responded that they will fix the error on their end
and restore all accounts that were deactivated in error.
This should happen sometime later today.  Let me know if
you still can't sign in to your Yahoo account tomorrow and
perhaps I candig a little deeper.


Flickr Support  	Tue, Nov 1, 2005 at 5:41 PM
To: [J. J.]


I was able to reactivate your "zepfanman" Yahoo account.
Sorry abount the inconvience the last couple days.
If you have any more problems, please let us know.

Flickr staff

From: J. J. 
Date: Nov 1, 2005 11:16 PM
Subject: Re: [Flickr Case 41117] Re: Flickr Help 
Mail from [J. J.]

I really appreciate all the help the Flickr team
has provided on this issue. My specific case is 
not your problem, but you've gone beyond the call 
of duty to help your customers out. I do have two 
further requests, though.

(1) Can you get someone from Yahoo Customer Care 
(YCC) to contact me with some closure to these 
issues (a toll-free line, if possible; and not 
someone who will flippantly tell me to e-mail I still have had ZERO 
response from YCC, and I would like to be able to 
walk away from this with renewed confidence in 
Yahoo!'s services. I don't think this is too much 
to ask; I'm seriously thinking about taking legal 
action if I can't simply communicate with someone 
who can actually do something about the problems 
I've experienced. If you need further reference, 
the phone calls I made last week were case 2543985
and case 2544149. The YCC case is

(2) Can you clarify the whole Yahoo ID/Flickr 
integration thing with me? Doug and julian's final
posts from this evening get to the heart of what 
many Flickr customers are trying to clarify (and 
Apocaplops makes a good point, too). Again, I 
think it would be easiest to address these issues 
over the phone. I can also log on to Y! Messenger 
or AIM as rockofvictory if you'd like to 
communicate in real time about this!

Thanks again for all your help. Good night, and 
God bless!

 - J. J.

FYI, I would have gotten this reply out sooner, but Comcast decided to disconnect my internet service at home today. It took two phone calls (20 minutes apiece) for them to determine that they made a mistake on their end with my account. To top things off, I got an e-mail from 1and1 (my web host) saying that I've reached my traffic quota for the month (according to my stats, I only used 75% of my October quota). I'm glad that I'm transferring everything over to Dreamhost soon!

Anyone have any legal advice or professional contacts that could help me make some progress with these complaints? I'm really fed up with poor customer service these days.


By rockofvictory | Tue 2005Nov01 12:26 CST | News
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One of the Yahoo! people I know asked one of the lists and was advised to check out where he found this:

May or may not get a more timely response from that, but prolly worth a try.

#C1 | By: fling93 | Tue 2005Nov01 17:07 CST

This exact thing hasn't happened to me BUT my account has been "deactivated" due to "violation of the TOS". Now, sure, I'm 15, but I created my account BEFORE that age restriction set in. Not to mention the fact 99.9% of everybody always thinks I'm 18+ due to the way I usually act. However, I've recently had the opportunity to meet quite a few brilliant people on yahoo and I enjoyed debating and talking with them. However, yesterday (Saturday November 12) my account was "deactivated" for "violation of the TOS". Now, sure, I can see where that would be true since I am under the age of 18. But that does NOT give them the right to deactivate the account of someone such as myself (who aren't stupid enough to fall into the grasp of pedophile and such)! If someone can help me out with this case so I can at LEAST get my buddy list handed over to me I'd be grateful (I refuse to waste my money on long distance calls to yahoo).

#C2 | By: Jeremyhfht | Sun 2005Nov13 10:32 CST

Jeremy, I feel your pain. You might want to at least leave a way people can get in touch with you since you're requesting help.

I never did get any more replies from Yahoo on my own issue, but I figured it's just not worth it! Also, beware of the Better Business Bureau - they post your complete complaint with a link that's not password protected. Now my e-mail address, account details, and all sorts of sensitive information are posted online! I've e-mailed several times, but the BBB won't reply specifically to my complaints.

The state of customer service is pretty sad when even the BBB is practicing bad business!

#C3 | By: J. J. | Mon 2005Nov14 13:45 CST

EGADS! I thought the "email (required)" thing would be public! Quite sorry. You may reach me at or yahoo! ID Jeremyhfht1 (the only WORKING one >_>)

#C4 | By: jeremyhfht | Mon 2005Nov14 22:23 CST

I'm having a huge problem which is on the brink of becoming a legal matter. So close in fact I consulted an attorney yesterday. My ex-fiance has an ad on Yahoo! personals where not only is he saying he's widowed but has also posted pictures of our two daughters with their names and ages. I have called every 800 number I could find until I finally received the long distance number only after e-mailing for over a month on their abuse site to be told that no one can help me. I find this appauling and incredibly disappointing that my children can be exploited by Yahoo! in such a manner. If there is anyone out there that can help me I greatly appreciate it!

#C5 | By: stacey | Wed 2005Nov30 12:50 CST

I just got hit by the deactivation thing myself for no reason or warning... Anyone have a number i can call or an email address i can write too? i need to get my account back up and running as soon as possible. THank you in advance, and any suggestions, information and help is much appreciated..

#C6 | By: Kelvin | Wed 2005Dec14 21:46 CST

Well...the freelance journalist in me got to looking into & for others that have been "deactivated" by yahoo & here you of Thursday 12-15-05...dang it! So now I am going back & forth with yahoo "help" and had to set up a new email and thank goodness I recently made a special file with most of my email addresses for yahoo, but not all of them...what a hassle & so frustrating. The weird part is when I request a change of password, giving them the secret question....I get populated to a new window, my id is there but then there is absolutely nothing provided as a new password...nothing! It is so I too have flicker, maybe they can help...

if the moderator of this blogg wants to help me get this resolve by telling me who to email at flicker that can actually help, I would sure appreciate it. The weird part is my yahoo was crashing more & more(freezing up) before it totally was something was harvesting it...which is a scarey thought.

If I get back in, I am sending everything to hoepfully a truley secure email service. But with the Patriot act, nothing is ever going to be private for along time....

I have different reasons for not being suprised for my 7 year old acct suddenly be de-activated...

Thanks for speaking up about this & setting up this blog...being media & connected to others that are...I can see what else I can do as far as getting the word out.

In soliarity, ex yahoo user...

#C7 | By: Robin Carneen | Sun 2005Dec18 00:11 CST

I own 6 groups. I am a member of 250 and yahoo deactivated it ALL today, I tried all day to reactivate with no luck. All DAY! Can someone help? It took a lot of time to make up all those groups and now NOTHING!
Thank you,
... a very very mad Pat

#C8 | By: Pat | Sat 2005Dec24 19:48 CST

Well it appears Yahoo! has decided to randomly kill peoples accounts more and more often. WE NEED A SOLUTION HERE. E-mailing them constantly doesn't work, they just ignore it no matter WHAT department you send it to. Unless of course you're a paying Yahoo! customer, THEN they bother to take their pathetic time and reply because you could probably get them in trouble legal wise if they didn't. However, *FREE* users can't do jack [edited] because they're not paying. They're lucky Yahoo! even lets them use their service! Therefore, Yahoo! doesn't have to do JACK. [edited]

And in closing; you're all not likely to get your accounts back. _EVER_.

Contact: (Yup, I have returned. And I was unsuccessful through all this time at getting yahoo! to even CONTACT ME)

#C9 | By: Jeremyhfht | Wed 2006Jan04 09:27 CST

Jeremy, it seems you have a very specific case that is clearly in violation of their rules. It seems understandable that they would be willing to help you re-instate an account when they no longer offer accounts for users under 18. I'm sure it's frustrating loosing touch with you contacts, but I imagine you should go elsewhere and maybe try e-mailing those users your do remember.

For the rest of you, for example the person dealing with the ex, your issue might be resolved through calling one of Yahoos press contacts. That is the kind of story they would probably hope would never make it to the news and that person inside Yahoo might have a better result in pursuing your request. Obviously, this is not guaranteed to work and is mildly out of line, so you shouldn't really demand anything of the press contact, but they might be willing to do something. At least you will reach a real person, but don't make a general practice of this behavior.

#C10 | By: Wil | Tue 2006Jan31 11:54 CST

hi zep i forgot to add the number for costumer asistance it's 1-408-349-1572 they'll give you the e-mail to help

#C11 | By: ginger | Thu 2006Feb09 20:26 CST

So it happened again huh?

Any resolution to this yet?

#C12 | By: Nick | Sun 2006Feb26 07:50 CST

please activate my mail

#C13 | By: michael ekwemuka | Fri 2006Mar03 19:49 CST

I am having the same problem. After having my yahoo id for over 7 years, I use their email, photo album for my family's memories, and stored important information in my briefcase. And after logging out and logging back in as usual on a busy workday, I all the sudden have an invalid id or password. I contacted yahoo by email and they gave me my security question which was my pet's name. I gave them the name of every single pet I had ever owned, and they said it did not match.And therefore they are unable to help me further. I am so frustrated as some of my photos and files were never copied and the only way to view them is if I can access it myself. I'm so frustrated because I've lost quite a few years of memories through no fault of my own other than being stupid enough to trust Yahoo. If anyone can help me I would so much appreciate it. Thanks!

#C14 | By: Rose | Sun 2006Mar12 19:34 CST

can you please tell me why my account was cancel please send it to thank you

#C15 | By: joyce thomas | Mon 2006Mar13 19:21 CST

I just yesterday, March 13th after being on yahoo messenger and email could not log into my email... Kept telling me that my user id or password was invalid!
After this, I checked my profile which is public on yahoo member directory, saw that my alias and my age and location was there, after clicking on it to get to my profile IT WAS NOT ME, IT WAS SOMEONE OF ANOTHER NATIONALITY AND USING MY ID'S!! Immediately thereafter, I called yahoo customer service and all they give me is the email to contact security help and report abuse and that my information I provided them didn't match what they had!
I told the lady how the hell could that even be possible as I've had those Id's since 1997?.... and all she would tell me is to send an email to report abuse!!!
I have sooooo many contacts along with personal information rite along with my yahoo photos!! and I can not access it period! This bites....
How the hell can I get my account restored and is it even possible??? That is, with reading all this bad news on here!!

#C16 | By: Tracy | Tue 2006Mar14 01:33 CST

People asking me to activate your mail, I have virtually no power or influence with Yahoo! Obviously from people's comments here, none of us has been successful in getting through to Yahoo! This is very frustrating, I know. If I ever get some answers, you'll all be the first to know.

#C17 | By: J. J. | Tue 2006Mar14 09:02 CST

I'm the same. 10 year account gone. All my contacts. Yahoo and flickr will not return my email. Rude bastards is all I can say.
And you thought the french were rude!! Yahoo takes the cake.
I say boycott yahoo and there sister companies.
I know i'm going to send emails to every yahoo-inc email I can find.
To Yahoo support you are the lowest of the low.
What goes around comes around. Can't wait to see you guys go down.

#C18 | By: Rod | Wed 2006Mar15 05:01 CST

Hey michael ekwemuka,

I am having the exact same problem as you. A few days ago I tried logging in and I kept getting yahoo id and password incorrect. I was furious because I have also had my account for 7 or 8 years. I found a form and after dealing with automated emails found that I couldn't figure out my security answer. Because well I've created it so many years ago. Honestly I don't think that's really the problem, I think they don't even check what you put for answers. I even found out who had stolen my account from me and sent them the persons yahoo account. But at this date and time, that account is still functional. I used to be a big fan of yahoo, but now honestly I hate yahoo! I guess my only hope now is that who stole it from me gets bored with it and either deactivates it or just stops using it so then I think it eventually deactivates due to inactivity. That way I could maybe re register for my account. I'm an all google person now, and I hope google squashes yahoo like a bug!

#C19 | By: Dylan | Wed 2006Mar15 15:18 CST

I own a travel website, which information was stored in my Yahoo account with all personal contacts, email and membership informations. Yahoo deactivated the active account for no reason and without my permission. Of course their customer care doesn't care, but...
...I think we can make a good dent to Yahooooo. I have about 400,000 working email addresses in my database. If we can properly create an email about Yahoo, I think many recipients will forward it further to create a massive email blog.
Yahoo makes money on advertising and if they will start loosing their sponsors I think that might get their attention. Any thoughts about that? Write me at

#C20 | By: Mikhail Smotkin | Thu 2006Mar16 14:57 CST

I am having the same problem as you guys! It's been about a month that my yahoo account was deactivated. I have tried contacting yahoo by phone and email, and I just get an email saying that I have violated Geocities Terms - but it's been a LONG time that I haven't used geocities to post any websites. Please let me know if any of you guys get your accounts back, or at least recover your emails and contact list. Also, I'm just wondering... since a lot of us are having the same problems.. is there anything we could do together to try to get the accounts back?!!Thanks!

#C21 | By: JV | Fri 2006Mar17 14:44 CST

on tuesday night i went to log in on yahoo and couldn't it said my account was deactivated can you please tell me why it was and how do i get it to be reactivated.please let me know thank you so much joyce thomas

#C22 | By: joyce tthomas | Sat 2006Mar18 17:19 CST

I'm still trying to figure out how to get my yahoo account back! Did any body get their accounts back?! Please let me know what to do! Thanks, JV

#C23 | By: JV | Sun 2006Mar19 00:47 CST

Why is my account deactivated?

#C24 | By: chad | Tue 2006Mar21 13:06 CST

I see that u are the only person that got your account back... please.. let me know if is there anyway I could get my back too!!! I haven't done anything wrong to my account, but it was desactivated anyways!! PLEASE!!! If you can email me back!!

#C25 | By: OT | Tue 2006Apr04 17:57 CST

If anyone on here wants to join a class action lawsuit aginst Yahoo, please check eBay or email me - sjgault [at] gmail

#C26 | By: Stephan B | Sat 2006Apr08 08:04 CST

I have been trying all day to get ahold of yahoo to get my email restored for some unknown reason they disactivated my account and cant explain to me why only go to this sight. I dont understand what it is that i did to cause this. It really upsets me because now i have lost pictures documents, not to mention all the addresses now i will need to go to all of my bills and redirect all my statments it really upsets me to think they have the right to cause you to lose all your personnel info if they feel that i have done something wrong they could have just stopped me from emailing but atleast let me get my personnel info before they did this please anyone if you know how to get that stuff back please email me

#C27 | By: kelly | Tue 2006Apr18 15:27 CST

I'm having the same issues as everyone else: account deactivated, no warnings. I first noticed something was odd when I never received my Yahoo weather alerts on my cell phone Saturday morning. Since then I have been unable to log in to any Yahoo service (mail, groups, my y!, etc) and also have trouble getting into some flickr preferences (although my photos are still there!). The only contact form I could find on their website was the "report abuse" form, so I tried that. Glad to find the other contact form listed somewhere in the above comments, and if I don't hear back I'll try calling the number listed.

Has ANYONE had any luck getting an account restored, besides zepfanman? I'd love any info/advice on getting through to Yahoo.

#C28 | By: Andrea | Tue 2006Apr18 16:26 CST

I cancelled my Yahoo personals membership last September (05) and there is still money being taken from my VISA. I wrote last month asking for my refund and money again was taken out April 18th. I would like the $210.00(approx.) returned to my VISA. Check your records - I have received no Yahoo Personals information since last September, yet you continue to take money from my account. A reply please
Lee McNaughton

#C29 | By: Lee McNaughton | Fri 2006Apr28 12:05 CST

well looks like im not the only one on yahoo to get deactivated,and i am very upset about it.i have had this account for a very long time i had alot of very important emails in my account now i cant get none of it back and yahoo did not even send me a warning that they were closeing there anyway i can get my account back?

#C30 | By: lavena | Sun 2006Apr30 19:19 CST


#C31 | By: BOBBY | Thu 2006May11 12:28 CST

Well here is a good one-

Yahoo killed my account becuase I am not an SBC subscriber. 8 - count 'em - 8 years ago I had a prodigy account - SBC bought prodigy - then yahoo - then I cancelled my SBC account - I got a note at that time telling me that I could simply transfer my e-mail into a yahoo! ID which I created. Now 8 years later they cancel the account with no warning saying I am not an SBC customer. Then there is this cute button that says "transfer your ID to a free one" when I click it - it says "your request cannot be processed at this time" and a link to the yahoo homepage.

Goody - It would be no skin off my nose to have them go to you know where - except I own a yahoo group and now I cannot moderate it.

My plan is to join SBC yahoo dial - take their "one month free" deal - make myself a "customer" then [unkind words to Yahoo!] daily till I get this resolved.

I will keep you all posted.


#C32 | By: K Warner | Wed 2006May17 19:58 CST

Today my yahoo account got deactivated, for no reason. I have not been violating any of Terms :(
I have lost all my contacts and my memories. Can anyone please tell me how to contact them any number or id i wrote a mail to them but it was of no help.
Please help me.


#C33 | By: Cocil | Mon 2006May22 04:19 CST

What is happening to yahoo...?
I just lost my yahoo account which I created 5-6 years ago....
Their were my family photos, my college/university friends photos...
And now I can't access them.!!!!
What is the matter?
Can I get my account back???

#C34 | By: Shoaib | Tue 2006Jun06 03:05 CST

I have had my account (theCraze29) deactivated and I do not know why. I have had the account for 8 years and I entered my password (on May 20th) and it said invalid. I have not changed my password. When I went to forgotten password it said my account has been deactivated. I check my email everyday, so it can't be due to lack of use.

I am worried someone has recorded my details. I have never disclosed my password to anyone and the account was working fine in May.

I contacted Archie and Laurie at Yahoo customer care (call ref: ID3736481) and they said they could not reactivate - they could not tell me why my account had been deactivated. They said that only the abuse team could do this. I genuinely have not abused the account and only use it for personal emails and instant messages to friends and family.

I have so many personal contacts on this account and I have not violated my TOS and if the account has in any way broken terms and conditions, then it must have been without my authority - I am really pi**ed at Yahoo for doing this - I was a loyal customer, having recommended the service to friends and family and I am quite frankly disappointed with this service and that of staff at Yahoo who say the abuse department does not have a telephone number (what a load of rubbish). There is no department in any organisation without a telephone.

I don't know what I am going to do. I will not setup up another yahoo id.

#C35 | By: Vincent | Tue 2006Jun06 07:06 CST

i have a account of yahoo but unfortunately i forgot my password i have tried a lot but i cant make my password correct.there are very important mail i have visited many internet site but it never help me.i have gone to forgot password but there asked the secret question which i have already forgot what should i do ?can i get my password again of my yahoo accccount please mail me in my above mail.

with best regards

#C36 | By: Dipendra | Mon 2006Jun19 08:13 CST

yahoo servive is not a service for the people
whats hapenning to you yahoo

i didnt violate you
so why is this happening to me

i have very important record details at my account

please reactivate it

please please

#C37 | By: jerome | Sun 2006Jun25 01:37 CST

When I signed on to yahoo messenger this morning, I had an offline message waiting for me from one of my contacts relaying a message from Yahoo president Jay Russell. I think this so bogus. Any word about this? Here is the exact message that I received:

Please read this message carefully ......which was been sent by Yahoo president Jay Rusell...... This is Yahoo President Jay Russell, I am sorry to announce that Yahoo has reached its maximum number of accounts two million. If you would like to keep your account for free send this to everyone on your list. This way we can know which accounts are being used and which accounts we can delete. Send this within 8 days and your account will remain free. Once again I am sincerely sorry that I have to do this. Please start sending. Jay Russell, Yahoo Management Renee: WHOEVER DOESN'T SEND THIS MESSAGE YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE DEACTIVATED AND IT WILL CO

#C38 | By: michelle | Mon 2006Jun26 08:49 CST

Michelle, these kinds of hoaxes have been going on since 2000. Always check when in doubt.

#C39 | By: J. J. | Mon 2006Jun26 09:01 CST

Thanks for confirming that it's bogus. I hate when people send this kind of crap to me, ya know. Also, thanks for telling me where I can check the validity of stuff like this.

#C40 | By: michelle | Mon 2006Jun26 10:06 CST

my yahoo account has been deactivated what should i do with is thois is that deactivated ID
and send about this ID information on this ID

#C41 | By: yazdan | Fri 2006Jun30 02:43 CST

I just lost my 11 year-old primary yahoo email account and two 6 year-old secondary accounts in the same way. One day everything was fine, the next day was 'invalid password' and that appears to be that... goodbye :-(

To be honest Yahoo appears to be going downhill rapidly these days... I even reassigned my home page to Google a couple of months ago (it had been 'Yahoo' since I started using the Internet seriously in 1995). I wonder if they've got what it takes to survive another 5 years? Somehow I doubt it

#C42 | By: nn | Tue 2006Jul04 20:07 CST

hi i have lost my yahoo id can anyone help me that i can find my password

#C43 | By: ali | Mon 2006Jul10 07:18 CST

I will not add my own horror story to this- same thing happened to me on July 7, 2006. Pics lost, memories, emails, address book, etc. The yahoo help desk, sitting in Bombay, drinking tea could care less about my stuff...

I am not sure how much of a diference we can make but I have done the following:
1. Switch my home page to google
2. Email all my friends and relatives about this yahoo practice and strongly advise them to switch to anything else but yahoo.
3. The "hoax" mentioned above by one of the posters - doesn't seem to be a hoax anymore - it's happening everywhere and the only common thing I can see is that the accounts that are wipped out are the ones at least 7-8 years old. so - without urging anyone to send the "hoax" message to their friends and relatives....I - personally am doing it.

Maybe, just maybe - if this thing propagates enough - yahoo will do something about least for the rest of the users.

PS. I am using my "newly" created yahoo email account to "spread" the good word.

#C44 | By: Clara Wallmart | Mon 2006Jul10 08:41 CST

I had the same thing happen to me back in March and I've been arguing with them ever since. I haven't been giving up trying to log in OR contact them about this. I want my account back. Good luck, everyone.

#C45 | By: Heather | Fri 2006Jul21 15:09 CST

Well, I have been successful in reinstating my yahoo account twice. Both times I thought my account may have been hacked, I contacted yahoo via the support page. I had to FAX them a bunch of information like others have mentioned. Similarly, since my account is like 10 years old, much of the information had changed.. numerous times (like address). I sent them every address ever + the information they asked for, and my account was reinstated. It was a pain the first time, annoying the second time... now it just happened again today. I'm pissed because this time my username and password actually work to access my account, my mail, and everything else yahoo related. Anyway, I'm here to vent and to let people know that I have been able to get my account reinstated in the past...

#C46 | By: TaZorro | Sat 2006Jul22 19:15 CST

i have a sub account i was a seller on yahoo auctions and this guy from china send me a message about buying his merchandise for cheap i didn't know tat it was a violation, he send me not 1 but 2 message i feel like i was done wrong by yahoo auctions i think that i should have got a warning first then kicked off the auction if i did it again. and far as my email that was really wrong for them to just out right deactavated my email what can i do to get my email back !

#C47 | By: lanell spencer | Mon 2006Jul24 11:00 CST

My account I may have sighned out of myself. Could you tell me why my account was deactivated please. I had this account for many years. I have folders and pictures I lost. Please help.My cell is 267 496 9590 or my home is 215 674 5246.. I live at 1290 Newtown rd. Warminster, Pa. I had a mail from you that said it may have been a mistake which happens somtimes. Could you please activat my account ID: blazingrex--password rch42759 thank you,You can also contact me at you. Bob Hill or Robert Hill

#C48 | By: Robert Hill | Fri 2006Jul28 11:06 CST

Dear Friend I have same prob. which u faced, my yahoo account is suddenly deactivated and i dont use flicker or anything i just use yahoo and which is free yahoo account. suddenly on friday i found out i cudnot able to access my account and no satisfactory ans from yahoo ans so can u please help me to solve the problem i will b very much thankful to you. Now i am using other yahoo account for communication but my contact of previous account is lossed due to non connectivity to that account. so pls give me solution.
Thanx and Regards,

#C49 | By: jackie | Sun 2006Jul30 07:45 CST

hi all, my yahoo account not open last for last 4 days. i don't why my account close without any prior notice. hope yahoo people help me. my alternate id is

#C50 | By: deepak | Sat 2006Aug05 05:00 CST

I just realised today that my account "elfuerzapraise@yahoo" has been deactivated two days after I last used it. I don't know why, but if i broke some of Yahoo's rules, I am sorry about it and will appreciate your help to get it reactivated.

#C51 | By: Pradeep | Thu 2006Aug17 00:17 CST

Just wanted to throw out there that I too have attempted over and over, doing the password change etc, only to keep seeing the same screen tell me my log in ID/Password are invalid. Funny though that it let me go through the entire change the password process with no problems at all. I, like many here it seems, had my Yahoo/Geocities Acct. for just over 8 years. I have been Auto-Paying for the Plus Package for a few years now also. I just looked at my Bank Statement today 8/25/06 to see that I still am being Auto-Paying, yet, no login success. I could sit here and bitch and complain, but I am more interested in Justice. How the heck can a business continue to charge, with no explanation of disservices, for something that they have taken from you just like that, killing memories and hard work, without anyone having a ding of knowledge as to what is going on? I heard the SSL3 crap and everyone has that shit now in their Browser, and it still won't log me in. If they think they can force me to pay $20/year out of nowhere now, in addition to the Plus service for extra storage in Geocities, all so I can have access to what I already have paid for???.. Then that is Strong-Arming and illegal. How can a Publically Traded Company force a current customer into paying to get access to what they already pay extra to have? Let alone, the fact they keep taking that money out of my acct while providing me no access to what I have had for over 8 years. Anyways, I am just wanting to know the route that is discovered for recovery of my acct and whether or not Yahoo plans on pulling their heads out of their asses. Yahoo has been kissing MSN's ass alot lately, so perhaps something is going on that will make sense of all this, but until then, I'm p'd off o_0

#C52 | By: Dan | Fri 2006Aug25 05:49 CST

someone accessed my acount sending a woman a letter on yahoo personals . This letter was clearly from me? But I did not send it nor did I activate my account. My fiancee is leaving me over this unless i can prove that it was not me. I so need your help in proving I did not send this, please help

mike shaw
552 2763

#C53 | By: mike | Mon 2006Sep18 13:03 CST

i have lost all of my emails because of deactivation of my accoung by not using it for 1 month. so how can i recover these emails

#C54 | By: Mustafa | Tue 2006Sep19 03:45 CST

I, too, is a victim of this Y! crap! My two addresses have been deleted for no apparent reason! If only for the e-groups and YM, I wouldn't want to use their service anymore.

#C55 | By: Jheck | Thu 2006Sep21 22:34 CST


My yahoo account is deactivated without any warning. so how can i recover my old mails and all. can you please help me to recover. pleaseeeeee


#C56 | By: neelan | Thu 2006Oct12 04:13 CST

It said my account is deactivated for no reason at all.Please help me to reactivate my account back.ALL my contacts are in tat id.waiting for your response

#C57 | By: LEKSHMI | Sun 2006Oct15 07:13 CST

I have been a yahoo loyal for the last 12 years... and I lost my active(thrice a week) account to "Unreasonable Deactivation without warning".
Luckily that was not my primary account, but still I lost a great deal of personal data.
This is as of today, I am definitely gonna try and recover what I lost. but looking at the number of unhappy notes above, I am skeptical.
Of course its painful to loose faith in something I have trusted for so long. But I think i would have to move my primary account somewhere else... i dont want to wait for this to happen again.

I dont understand whats yahoo up to.
A warning??? is that too expensive? there is nothing on how to reactivate account.
if there is such a large number of ppl affected, why doesnt yahoo officially clarify the issue, and provide steps to get the account reactivated.

These might not be "paid" customers, but these are the ppl behind yahoo's success. And the money they make on advertising (which i guess would be larger than subscription).

#C58 | By: Shannon | Sun 2006Oct22 14:35 CST


I still have my fingers crossed and may be voicing about this too soon, but, I am freaking out and need to vent.

My flickr account was deactivated today without notice. The account has approximately 40,000 images and I admin 20 to 30 groups. Around 15000 images are original artwork, another 7000 or so friends and family, another 7000 thousand or so artistic, tasteful portraits and semi-nudes I have taken, maybe a couple thousand humor and graphics files, several hundred original animations that I made, and god knows how many original poems, thoughts, discussions, theories, and so forth. Probably 2000-3000 are photos that I have come across and appreciated (which I suspect is the issue). My account was set as "NIPSA" almost right after I started the account, so, I didn't expect any problem with posting some scrapes from my web pages and some found photos.
If you've used flickr, you know that there is plenty of explicit, pornographic, abrasive content to be found. I cannot see how, in the context of all those that use flickr, my account would be that objectionable - especially since I have contributed such a quantity of original content to flickr.
Well, I'm trying to remain hopeful. I, too, have been a paying, pro-customer twice. I have thousands of items on this account that aren't anywhere else. If I can't at least download them, I will suffer a significant loss.
If things don't work out, sign me up for whatever class action is being considered. Also, if things don't work out, you may wish to add your signatures to the portfolio of obscene flickr content that I'll be sending to my friend Bill O'Reilly of the O'reilly factor. Perhaps he can figure out if accounts are getting closed because they are consuming too much of the agreed upon limits, or, if accounts are being closed do to any sort of racism, unjust discrimination, or with any social or political prejudice; because, accounts no racier than mine certainly are not being closed for content reasons while there are so many obscene groups and photos being accepted.

Hopefully, though, flickr will be reasonable and allow me to correct whatever the problem is.

Sincerely and very worried

drunken editor of
the world's most raw honest anti-forum at (the one place on the net that doesn't backstab people, sensor thought, moderate opinion, and discriminate)

#C59 | By: Drunken Editor | Sun 2006Oct22 17:13 CST

How do I go about taking off an alternate ID that I didn't create? Yahoo has sent me 2 e-mails that stated this ID IS MY alternate ID. I do NOT want it. please take it off for me, or tell me how.

thanks, Dorothie

#C60 | By: dorothie | Thu 2006Nov02 00:42 CST

Annoyingly enough I created a name called Cat Silver and I used it once in chat. I talked with someone for a few minutes and left. I moved most of my friend's list there and I created all the sun accounts it could hold for roleplaying. After not replying to someone on my Draco Malfoy account I was told I couldn't log into my mail. I frustratedly complained to my friend's while I was still on the messenger, and after a few hours, it logged me out. When I went to log back in ti told me it was deactivated. I had already send a help email to yahoo for answers on why my mail was out. After putting in my answers to the secret questions, they told me they were all wrong. They proceeded to say someone would be in contact, and continued telling me everything I had sent was wrong. I gave up on getting back my account. I did nothing against the TOS, and I was on it -when- they deactivated me. Annoying eh? I've still got a few other accounts, and as it was brand new I didn't have much. But I loved the names. I'd also like to note, that while I NEVER posted the email I got at least 50-100 spam emails a day, while none of my other accounts ever get any. What, did they sell my email or was it used by someone else and they got angry? Geez...

#C61 | By: Cat Silver | Sun 2006Nov05 20:41 CST

Yahoo has disabled my primary e-mail address. They said I had my auto responder on. I checked and it was and is not or never has been on. I really would like my primary to be reinstated.

#C62 | By: Alice | Tue 2006Nov14 12:27 CST

Two weeks ago, they emptied all my folders. No help from the web based e mail except they send you a survey, everyday until you hit the spam button. Called many times, they always say after about an hour of passing you around, the "engineers" will call you back. They lie, they never do. But I have reference numbers and a long list of people I talked to. Can anyone tell me how to solve my problem? Please help me.

#C63 | By: Richard | Wed 2006Nov15 07:00 CST

i was wanting to know how i can get my mail off my name that is deactavated it is cuz in my email i have pictures of my friends that have passed away and i was really need them that is all i got left of them. i dont even know how my name got deactavated but if you if you guys could just give me my name back please and email me on my new name when you guys get things straighted out please that you so much ...scotty...

#C64 | By: scotty | Mon 2006Nov20 00:20 CST

Yes, I too have looked for a 1-800# and have been deactivated, why?, emails, business, ebay, how do I get my old email back and why are they aloud to do this?

Tanya, need to know!

#C65 | By: tanyachatterson | Fri 2006Nov24 19:54 CST

Yahoo! ID

need my Password Yahoo! ID

send my password id to alternate email:

Palestinian Society for the
Development of Women and Children

need help

Society Manager
Tawfeek Dahaman

#C66 | By: Palestinian Society | Mon 2006Dec04 15:26 CST

i got the same prob two days before , my yahoo account has been deactiavted automatically but still yahoo did not take any action to reactiavte it again

#C67 | By: abrar | Sat 2006Dec09 16:28 CST

Last Saterday, I went online to check out my email. I couldn't believe my eyes, my whole account had vanished into thin air. This entire week I've been trying to get my email up, especially my addressbook. I had over 100 addresses in there. The sad thing about thing is, the people who run the web site doesn't seem to care. Because I went to askjeeves no answer, more than once. What are we suspost to do? You put more junk on the webpage than I don't what, plus yahoo beta you have to pay for now. What the hell? My address was I made another account, now I can't evern get into that now. If you respond, how in hell am I suspost to get it?


#C68 | By: Lynn Gleason | Tue 2006Dec12 18:53 CST

My story is almost the same as yours. I am the head admin of a spades league. I have 587 people in my league....all of which were on my messenger. We had another account set up to also have most of the names of the members on them, and that name was deactivated first. Then I created another address, and got about 400 of the member names put on it, and within the week it was deactivated. Now my primary account was deactivated as well. I have the phone numbers to contact them, and I have emailed about 20 times to their help pages, with the same results as many of you. If someone has any ideas, I would sure like to hear about them. I cannot boycott yahoo, because my spades league plays in yahoo....but am seriously thinking of talking to all the members and having them switch to a different type of messenger. Yahoo has been going crazy lately, it wont let us send the links to our tournaments, it wont let us send group messages, and now...its shutting down the accounts. We do not send unwanted IMs or emails to people on our messengers, we have special lists for those people. I have read over the yahoo terms of service, and cannot for the life of me figure out what ALL 3 names have been deleted for within the past 2 weeks. One of them was only used 2 times, and was deactivated.

#C69 | By: happymom1981 | Thu 2007Jan04 01:49 CST

Wow, evidently this is *still* going on. For us being non-paying users. Guess the account doesn't really belong to us. though we may behave otherwise. Or maybe it could be a glitch in the programming? Or some virus in the yahoo network/servers? Whatever it is. It has sure hurt a lot of us for thing we hold dear / want / require. As some suggested about a class action suit. I dont guess we have enough people to be going around doing that thing. With such *disruptions* in services, I am sure inclined to looking for better service.. After being so happy with Yahoo! in the early years, for the services.. (Other than customer service... which in my entire 8-9-10 years.. I haven't had to deal with and even now when I do try to.. *no response* .. so that's cool) hehe.. My Yahoo ID was amida_r and I guess I should use my account more nowadays. I wonder if someone who works at yahoo would some time wander into this page.. What **do** they do, anyhow? would sure be cool if he/she took some interest and helped us out.. BTW Don't forget me if you do.. ;) ciao.

#C70 | By: Anurag Ranjitkar | Fri 2007Jan05 06:38 CST

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