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My IMDb films of 2012

I’ve been using IMDb’s customizable lists and ratings system for at least 10 years. Here is a typed list of films and TV shows that were released in the Louisville area this year that I’ve seen. I’m also including screenshots of my complete list of ratings for the year: things I’ve watched and rated regardless [...]

Best Albums of 2012

I’m always absorbed in music. There are innumerable ways to experience art in sound, so of course it’s impossible to quantify the quality of an album – although sites like AOTY are helpful as a general guide. This list is mostly personal preference, but with an ear to recommend both popular and obscure (mostly rock [...]

Best Songs of 2012

A YouTube playlist of my favorite videos and/or songs released in 2012. I generally prefer the studio tracks, but a few of these are live versions, mainly because there is no official studio version on YouTube. Also, in some cases, I enjoy the official video better than the song itself, and vice versa. A few [...]

Cloud Atlas: The most epic film of 2012

Since seeing the film (twice) the week it came out in October, I’ve been entralled with the ideas presented in Cloud Atlas – in both the book (by David Mitchell in 2004) and the movie (screenplay and direction by the Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer). I hate to give too much of a movie away, so [...]

Summer Movies I Want to See, 2012

My fourth annual list of summer movies. 26 of them this year. Some blockbuster (Avengers, What to Expect, MIB3), some artsy (Intouchables, Invisible War, Robot & Frank). For previews and info on the popular ones, go to the Yahoo! Summer Movie Guide.

SPIN’s 30 Best Fall Tours (full list)

A one-page, condensed list of SPIN’s 30 Best Fall Tours: Skrillex (9/2-11/12, *Skream Benga, Nero, et al) Portishead (10/1-10/27) Cymbals Eat Guitars (9/20-10/27) Wilco (9/13-10/5) Battles (10/1-11/1) Kanye West and Jay-Z (10/29-12/18) Feist (10/29-12/6) Beirut (9/21-11/13) Das Racist (9/12-11/7) EMA (10/7-10/30) Blink-182/My Chemical Romance (Now-10/8, *Manchester Orchestra, Matt & Kim) Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks [...]