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Urbanite on a farm

The dog is always the first to greet me as I step out the back door onto the porch. The horses gather together in one of their seemingly random spots in the south field. Cali (one of three cats) scoots along the fenceline near the shed.


The concept for this entry began as a lyrical metaphor relating Curtis Mayfield’s “Pusherman” to my web publishing philosophy. The latter is boring, though, and a topic that tends to weave its way into all of my posts anyway. Music, on the other hand, tends to be a rabbit that we chase into Wonderland. 1972 […]

America’s Best Idea

I just wrapped up what I’d like to call my birthday week in which I spent most evenings watching the premiere of The National Parks documentary on PBS. Last Sunday, I recommended that people donate to the Park Service in place of gifts to me. After watching the final episode (the 6th, each 2hrs long), […]

Today, we declare

Before distracting yourself with BBQ and fireworks, take 20 minutes to brush up on your July 4th knowledge. Reading the Declaration of Independence this morning may even make for good conversation over a few beers tonight! I’ve always had an interest in manuscript history. The Declaration of Independence is literally America’s most celebrated manuscript, and […]

Vox imported

In January of 2009, I was informally surveying different blogging platforms (Virb, Tumblr, Posterous, etc.) and noticed a few friends on Vox. For someone who didn’t want to go through the trouble of hosting their own blog (for example, using as this site now is), Vox seemed like a better community than Blogger or […]

Che Relevance

Photo via нσвσ Before I present my opinion of the film I saw tonight, let me warn you that I am not a Latin American history expert. This ignorance is one of the reasons I wanted to share some thoughts about Steven Soderbergh’s latest film. It makes me sad that such a historic film like […]