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Top 100 Movies of All Time

My 100 favorite movies – not necessarily ones I would pick as the “best” of all time. This was precipitated by a group vote on the Forum. I will underline the titles that make the top 100 on when the results are posted in September October. This list is also available on Letterboxd. […]

2016 Movie Roundup

I’ve posted on several categories of film in the past, in particular the 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die annual list (my latest 1001 list was in November 2015). Here is a hodgepodge of stats, including my favorite films that were released in 2016 (films made available to me this year in Louisville, KY).

Zepfanman’s other favorite films

Here are some films that fit outside of the other categories I’ve written about recently (particularly the 1001 Movies list [1]) with a focus on my favorites from 2015. 11 out of 52 of these are currently streaming on Netflix (N). More details below the list.

Best Albums of 2014

My third annual list. This is mostly personal preference, but with an ear to recommend both popular and obscure (mostly alt-rock and electronic) albums to other music lovers. On this list, albums get either a 1 (best) or 2 (rest); within those two groups, most have equal ground. This may seem like a boring list […]

A few album ratings – Spring 2014

********* 9 The War on Drugs – Lost in the Dream (March 2014, neo-psychedelia) ********* 9 Rosanne Cash – The River & the Thread (January 2014, Americana) ********* 9 Nils Frahm – Spaces (November 2013, ambient) ********* 9 Bonobo – LateNightTales (November 2013, electric) ********* 9 Warren Haynes – Live at Bonnaroo [June 15, 2003] […]

Favorite films seen in 2013

Gravity, Philomena, Metropolis, A Room With a View…. These are a few films and TV shows from my list of 2013 films (released in Louisville) or the list of older films that I had never seen before (14 of which are streaming on Netflix). Last year, I summarized my IMDb films of 2012. This year, […]