BEYONCÉ 2013 video album, YouTube previews (in order)

The official Beyoncé YouTube page has posted these 30-second preview tracks (released Friday, December 13, 2013). Here they are in the order they appear on the DVD; the director(s) are listed after each song title. It’s also worth checking out the “Self-Titled” mini art features that followed the release of the album.

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Watch and share this new Pirate Bay documentary

TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Away from Keyboard is a fascinating documentary about the three founders of said Swedish file sharing website.

Watch and share the free film on (there’s an interesting annotated version there using LinkLib), or just stream it directly from YouTube.

tpb afk
(CC-BY Simon Klose)
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A few album ratings – Part 7

********** 10
James Brown – Love Power Peace, Live at the Olympia, Paris 1971 (June 1992, soul)

********* 9
Motor City Drum Ensemble – DJ-Kicks (July 2011, house, soul)

********* 9
Young Galaxy – Ultramarine (April 2013, dream pop)

********* 9
Stars of the Lid – And Their Refinement of the Decline (April 2007, ambient)

********* 9
Guns n’ Roses – Appetite for Destruction (July 1987, hard rock)

********* 9
Lil Hardin Armstrong – Chicago: The Living Legends (1961, jazz vocal)

******** 8
Haim – Days Are Gone (September 2013, indie pop)

******** 8
Mazzy Star – Seasons of Your Day (September 2013, neo-psychedelia)

******** 8
Mayer Hawthorne – Where Does This Door Go (July 2013, blue eyed soul)

******** 8
Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa – Seesaw (May 2013, blues rock)

******** 8
Bombino – Nomad (April 2013, Tishoumaren, blues rock)

******** 8
Jim James – Regions of Light and Sound of God (February 2013, neo-psychedelia)

******** 8
J.D. McPherson – Signs & Signifiers (October 2010, rockabilly)

******** 8
Balmorhea – All Is Wild, All Is Silent (March 2009, post-rock, modern classical)

******** 8
Tracy Thorn – Out of the Woods (March 2007, synthpop)

******** 8
Mazzy Star – So Tonight That I May See (September 1993, neo-psychedelia)

******* 7
Gary Clark Jr. – Blak and Blu (October 2012, blues rock)

******* 7
Sun Glitters – Cosmic Oceans (April 2011, chillwave)
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Kirkeby’s panoramas in von Trier’s *Breaking the Waves*

Per Kirkeby has created unforgettable works of art, some of which were commissioned for three of Lars von Trier’s films. After watching all of von Trier’s theatrical releases over the last three months, I kept returning to Kirkeby’s digitally-altered landscapes in Breaking the Waves (1996) for inspiration.

To avoid spoilers, I’m including screenshots only of the latter half of each episode/chapter intro. Watch the movie for the full effect! NOTE: Von Trier films are not for the faint of heart.

Breaking the Waves, Chapter One

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You’re invited! Four events in and around Louisville

I’m so thrilled about these upcoming events (3/7-5/4: two concerts, a play, and a lecture) that I’m inviting everyone. I’ll be buying my tickets in the next two weeks—and none of them are more than $25. Charles Bradley will be at Exit/In in Nashville on May 4th; the others are all in Louisville, through the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts (voted four times as Kentucky’s best venue for music, theater and dance).

Alice in Black and White
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Best Songs of 2012

A YouTube playlist of my favorite videos and/or songs released in 2012. I generally prefer the studio tracks, but a few of these are live versions, mainly because there is no official studio version on YouTube. Also, in some cases, I enjoy the official video better than the song itself, and vice versa.

Best of 2012 YouTube playlist

A few of these YouTube videos will not play on mobile platforms. I’ve attempted to make the same list on Spotify (also embedded below), although not all the songs are available there, either!

A “Best Albums” post (which requires a lot more thought) is forthcoming by the end of the month.

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