Tasty Mega Green juice

I discovered a new organic juice today during my Louisville Exploration. There are several flavors of R.W. Knudsen Family® brand’s Simply Nutritious® juices and I randomly picked out Mega Green. I’d never heard of the brand before, but I’ve enjoyed the flavor and I am trying to decide how nutritious it is.

Mega Green juiceNathan’s a little shocked at the 27g of sugar in an 8 oz. serving, but I’m intrigued by these spirulina (620mg) and chlorella (420mg) ingredients. The people at Amazing Grace Whole Foods on Bardstown seem pretty knowledgable, so maybe I’ll ask their opinion next time I go in there. (Jon and I were very impressed with their small store and will definitely be going back. I think it’s the closest organic store to the apartment.) After checking the Knudsen website, though, I’m confused at the actual nutrient content in the 32oz bottle I bought ($3.99). Other than the calories, all the ingredients on the bottle are more plentiful than the ingredients listed on their website! 120 cal (vs. 130), 100% Vitamin C (45), 25% A (4%), etc. That’s a significant difference!

As you can see from the picture, it looks (and also tastes) a lot like the Naked Green Machine which I’ve enjoyed many a time. While Mega Green probably doesn’t pack quite the “Superfood” punch that the Green Machine does, it’s a better deal. I’ll probably try some of their other flavors, but hopefully I can get some answers about the correct dietary facts!

I’ve moved to Louisville

In case you’ve missed the tweets and Facebook activity, yes, I’m now living in Louisville. I’m trying to spend most of my time looking for jobs (My LinkedIn profile), but I’ve been quite occupied getting the new apartment unpacked and acclimating to a new city. Let me know if you need a Guest Pass to see all of the photos in the new Taking Louisville album.

Moving in.
Moving in: August 21st.

Nathan began law school at UofL almost two weeks ago. Unfortunately, we were not able to move in to Dupont Commons in Old Louisville. It’s a long story, but the end result was that we had to find another place that could accommodate us within four days and have a 6-month lease or less. We had looked at the Phoenix Place apartments (less than a mile east of downtown) a month ago, so we ended up returning there and took the top two floors of a beautiful historic building. Camden Prospect Park was another good option, but we opted to go for something closer to downtown.

Move-in was Friday. We were so relieved to finally have a place to put our things, especially Nathan who had been staying at a Value Place studio room for a week, not to mention Red Roof for a few days since the Dupont management kept moving back our move-in day! Jon and I transported almost everything out of our old house last Sunday. Michael has been indispensable all week. We couldn’t thank him enough! Jon had to return to work in Nashville on Wednesday, so we were very fortunate to have Greg available on Friday to help us move, as well.

I’m leaving out plenty of other juicy details, such as Nathan’s twisted ankle, but I’ll keep this entry as brief as possible. The days seem to be wasting away too quickly already. I will say that our cable Internet with Insight is nice and fast, but I’ve been frustrated with my desktop as it only receives a weak wireless signal up in my room. This, of course, will be remedied as soon as we all agree where we want to camp the router.

To everyone in Nashville, I miss you! I will be blessed to find friends like you in Louisville.

Thanks again to Greg and Michael!
Thanks again to Greg and Michael!

Hibachi, Mute Math, & birthdays

Friday was a long day. On Thurs, our new landlord in Louisville notified us that our apartment wasn’t ready for the Saturday move in. As much as I love having an extra week with friends in Nashville, the news really put a huge dent in our plans. Instead of moving everything with a big Ryder truck today, Nathan’s just going to move on Monday with just his essentials. Jon and I will go up and bring everything else next weekend. I’ll stay and Jon will return to Nashville until Sept 6th when he transfers to a different Walgreens. We still need to work out a deal with the landlord for all this inconvenience. Gotta love moving.

A bunch of us drove down to the Lenox Village area to check out the hibachi grill there – think it was called Minomi. Most of our kitchen stuff is packed, so we’re blowing money eating out. The grill was yummy. Deep South Nashville ain’t bad; haven’t really explored it much since its expansion a few years ago. Jon has switched into shopping mode to relieve the moving stress – we went into a little antique shop that used to be a country church. Jon thinks he’ll be able to get more than $10 selling the Off the Wall LP he found there. I disagree.

At 5pm, I drove down to Franklin for the Mute Math Mobile Listening Party (MMLP). If you’re a MM fan, you can imagine what a thrill it was. About 10 of us fans piled onto the big bus and got an exclusive listen to the full album Armistice (which won’t be released until 8/18). If you have a chance to catch the MMLP in your city before 8/18, you will not be disappointed with your $59 investment (gets you a shirt, concert ticket, and a bunch of other goodies)! The listening party idea is quite a novel one and I’d definitely do it for other bands if the trend catches on. We provided the crew with our feedback and intermingled a bit. I attempted to tweet the experience, but they didn’t go through for some reason. <UPDATE 8/9>Just noticed twitter SMS delays were due to Thursday’s big DoS attack. This is why these tweets finally just showed up today!</UPDATE> Here’s what’s in my phone. At least the twitpic went through.

(8/7 17:23): 3 songs into @mutemath listening party. Sounds too good already!

(8/7 17:31): @mutemath #armistice_no_response Like the darker side of You Are Mine, flavored w the sound of the new album.

(8/7 17:41): @mutemath #armistice_goodbye “If you say goodbye, my heart’s in trouble.” Poetry, and not cliché!

(8/7 18:06): @mutemath #armistice_burden Love how it mellows out @ end by borrowing from & echoing Spotlight remix.

Nathan had a big birthday gathering at Logans, so I joined them for a drink and a slice of cake. We moved on to our usual, Tribe, to play pool until about midnight.

Michael called me and picked me up to join birthday #2, this one for Fernando! I haven’t been to many East Nashville residences, but it was quite strange to be back at the place where I cooked vagina cookies in college. Prof. Alison Piepmeier used to live in the same house! I enjoyed last night’s party much more than my first experience there. Lovely people and great DJs with the Best Buy Digital Music Store. Should have been there just to see Michael dancing to MC Hammer.

But wait, we made the obligatory Cafe Coco run on the way home. One is almost guaranteed to meet someone interesting whenever visiting this fantastic little 24hr joint. Oh, Nashville. I’ll miss you. Time for a nap.

P.S. I’m not sure if it’s Flash, but my Firefox keeps eating up all my CPU time and I haven’t been able to figure out why. Been happening for several weeks now, starting with 3.5.0. I hate having to rebuild my profile, but I’m not even sure that creating a fresh one is fixing the issue. Time will tell. Anyone else have a clue?