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Month: February 2011

  • My Oscar 2011 predictions

    In a few hours, America’s favorite gawking event will begin, first with the red carpet at 7pm EST on ABC followed by the awards from 8:30-11:30. Here are my predictions. I’ll probably be Tweeting and on Facebook during the event.

  • Favorite podcast episodes

    I’ve listened to a lot of good episodes from various podcasts since October (when I listed my favorite subscriptions). Here are a few that I rated the highest. Most of them should still be available to download, or at least to stream.

  • A blues primer

    A coworker of mine has never heard of B.B. King. This must be remedied. In response, I’ve created “An Evolution of Blues” compilation. It’s not a definitive list and I had to question if certain songs could truly be considered blues tracks (when they’d likely first be catalogued as jazz, rock ballad, folk, country or downtempo,…