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Month: January 2020

  • Changes in the Hollywood Production Code

    Sex perversion. White slavery. Childbirth. Miscegenation. Obscenity. Salacious titles. These are just a few of the subjects that were forbidden by the “Production Code” that governed Hollywood on-screen morality from 1930 through 1968. It’s been a challenge to find a good summary of the changes in the Code, so included here are links to original…

  • Best Movies of the Decade: 2010s, Part 2

    20 favorites from the past 10 years. You can read my introduction in Part 1, which also includes some bonus content, like a timeline of major fantasy/sci-fi films.

  • Best Movies of the Decade: 2010s, Part 1

    I’ve pored over my movie spreadsheet to curate a list of films that you should see. I arbitrarily ended up with 40, so I’ll present 20 of them here; my absolute favorites will be revealed soon, in Part 2. This is a mixture of personal, critical, blockbuster, and groundbreaking favorites. You’ll notice that I gravitate…