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Two Plant CDs

Plant Waves: A Robert Plant Tribute features 11 covers of his solo stuff (released Sept28). Also, rumor of Plant & Strange Sensation Another Tribe, 13 brand new tracks due out in March.

Zeppelin Not Worthy

I received an interesting Zeppelin bashing email today. Does this guy think that I don't listen to any other kind of music?

JPJ Workin On New Album

Expect to see a new album out, possibly by the end of the year?

No Quarter DVD: Oct26

Page and Plant's 1994 Unledded will be coming out on DVD with extra footage; the CD will be rereleased with extra tracks, as well.

New *A to Zeppelin* DVD

Lots of interviews, but NO music.

I hope you enjoy this unique guestbook
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Robert Plant (lead singer), John Bonham (drummer), Jimmy Page (guitarist), and "John Paul Jones" Baldwin (bassist) released their first album a year and a half after the Summer of Love.  They continued rocking the world until the death of their drummer in 1980, twelve years later.  The surviving members have all pursued side projects, mostly with great success.

"It was very spontaneous most of the time in Led Zeppelin.  Things were created virtually as a four-piece band. It was Jimmy Page bringing in cassettes or ideas that were then created on the spot.  Sometimes John Paul Jones would contribute the main leading part of a song, and then it would be a pretty quick arrangement of bits and pieces so that the thing fitted together rather quickly."
    - Robert Plant, from Off The Record: An Oral History of Popular Music by Joe Smith (New York: Warner Books, 1988).

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