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12 summer movies I want to see

While I will likely only see three or four of these (in theaters), there are a lot of promising movies coming out this summer. Check your calendar and let me know if you want to see any of these with me! Here are my top eleven listed in order of preference. Harry Potter and the […]

Into the Presence is nostalgically fresh

Whoa. Got my Amie Street e-newsletter today and was blown away by Into the Presence. Others can give a more complete review (ex: The Vinyl District First Date with | Into The Presence) but I couldn’t resist sharing the news about today’s release of this self-titled album. You can hear three tracks on imeem (better […]

I recommend PlayDate

Finally got a chance to go to a unique event on Saturday night. The PlayDate Nashville website has all the info on this monthly bonanza, but I thought I’d add my two cents.

AutoVaughn and Mute Math

On Saturday, I had the privilege of seeing two of my favorite bands, both for free. As usual, I took photos and a video each for AutoVaughn and Mute Math. AutoVaughn played for the 2009 Nashville Earth Day Festival, and Mute Math packed the Grimey’s parking lot for the 2nd international Record Store Day event. […]

Atlantic Beach trip

My immediate family got together at the Peppertree Resort over Easter weekend. Pictures are worth a thousand words, so hopefully Nick will have the photos posted soon [UPDATE: All posted!]. Itinerary: Drive eight hours to Charlotte on Thursday and spend the night at bro’s house. The five of us drive five hours to Atlantic Beach, […]

Cornell revisits Reznor’s Exotic Birds

I love the 90s. For those following the Trent Reznor vs. Chris Cornell feud/cat fight, Cornell tweeted a quick followup this morning to what seemed like a coup de grâce from Reznor on April Fools’: Now I am sad. After yesterday’s prank, I began to suspect that this was all a hoax. I can’t […]