J. J. in a suit
Zepfanman.com is J. J. DiUbaldi’s (pronounced dee-you-BALL-dee) Internet home base – my physical home base of Louisville, Kentucky, has little to do with the content here. This site is an eclectic hodgepodge of my interests over the years. My goal is to connect people and facilitate sharing in a way that only the Internet can provide.

The Internet is an ever changing mess of technology, I admit. Listed below are a few of the services I use the most, in approximate order of most-to-least visited.

  • E-mail: tech [at] zepfanman [dot] com
  • Phone (including texts): (502) 882-0354
  • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Blu-ray, IMDb, Letterboxd, Last.fm, and UDisc are just a few of the sites where I have established my presence. E-mail me or fill out the contact form below if you’d like to link up!
  • Fediverse contacts: Mastodon and Matrix. Also experimenting with Pixelfed (photos), BookWyrm (reading), PeerTube (videos), Lemmy (link aggregator) and Facebook-like alternatives: Friendica, Hubzilla, and Calckey. I’ve added this WordPress blog to ActivityPub, so you can follow posts @jaige

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