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Looking for Louisville IT job for August

Still job searching, but we have found a great little apartment in Old Louisville and will sign a 6 month lease when we move this Sunday, the 16th. Can’t wait to share pictures when we move in. Jon and Nathan are still looking for a farm house in the long run – not sure if […]

Upgrading to 2.8 today

The “Upgrade Automatically” button isn’t getting any further than “Downloading update from,” so I’m performing my first WordPress update today, the long way. Hopefully won’t be down long, say 11:30am-12:30pm CST. Also plan on helping out my friend, Natty, this afternoon. He currently has his site on which has half the functionality as […]

Researching and finding music online

As of December 2009, imeem has been acquired by MySpace. The playlist and old interface doesn’t exist at the moment. “MySpace is working to migrate your imeem playlist to MySpace Music. We’ll email you about that once we have more details.” Check out new alternatives on my new blog post!  Ever get frustrated when trying […]