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Spring cleaning a website

I’ve spent some time studying reports from Google Analytics, a tool I’ve been using for the past year. Without redesigning the site, I’ve taken cues from the reports to update some old posts and make the site load a little faster. You might call it spring cleaning. With less than 900 views a month, I […]

Soundtrack into space

Urbanite on a farm

The dog is always the first to greet me as I step out the back door onto the porch. The horses gather together in one of their seemingly random spots in the south field. Cali (one of three cats) scoots along the fenceline near the shed.

4 new band discoveries

I’m always listening to music, new and old, pop and indie. Today, I’d like to highlight four bands you’ve probably never heard of. Okay, maybe you’ve heard of Joanna Newsom, but I’d be surprised if you knew Derik LaRon, Cheyenne Marie, or This Will Destroy You. These are bands that I’ve discovered in the past […]