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More site upgrades for Zepfanman.com (on top of the ones I did during the holidays). I’m trying to maintain the K.I.S.S. mentality, but the Disqus commenting system looked way too handy to pass up. Implemented it this evening. Check it out at the bottom of this post. The biggest selling points were Facebook Connect login, sync between Disqus & WordPress at the same time, and “Social Media Reactions”. I’m still tweaking it a little, so let me know if anything broke. Thanks to WebDesigners’Edge for their recent post on Disqus.

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  1. Oh yeah, I'd read about the Facebook Connect not working very well, even after a page refresh. I'll have to search the help forums and see if I can find a fix. Thanks for your help, Robby. By the way, the Disqus reply-directly-in-email feature is really handy, too!

  2. Thanks a lot, I appreciate that. Of course thank you to your service. Now I am talking with some clients to integrate DISQUS to their sites. So I hope I'll blog some experiences.

  3. Disqus is commenting plug-in it is too easy to use as well as Intense Debate is going and allow developers to make a plug-ins like a Youtube video etc .I think both are too important for us…

  4. One of the main advantages Disqus is; it has is the ability for users to login with Facebook Connect where the comments also appear in the commentators newsfeed, which has the capacity to go viral.

  5. Disqus has ability to import existing comments as well as export comments. I didn't lose any comments when I moved to Disqus..Disqus is really good stuff methinks…!

  6. There’s still some cerebral aerial accepting the “edit” accordances of the wiki and the commenting appearance of Disqus in abutting proximity. I like Social text’s commenting arrangement — a big “Comment” button next to the “Edit” button, which ancestor up a animadversion form

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