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New post every Tuesday morning

They say that publishing on a predictable schedule improves site traffic. I considered doing this when I revamped Zepfanman.com last March, but I wasn’t sure how much time I wanted to devote to this blogging hobby of mine (“hobby” being the operative word). Since I average 3.63 posts per month, I might as well guarantee you a weekly post: Tuesday @ 11 am (EST) announced via Twitter, Facebook, and RSS (email subscription notice can take up to a day for some reason). I’ve got four blog drafts this month in addition to another one I’ve been thinking about lately. Help me decide which one to tackle first.

Line chart via 96dpi
"Line chart" by 96dpi / CC BY-NC 2.0

I’ve read up on the best time to publish, but there are too many variables to be able to come to an obvious conclusion. They say to stay away from the weekends and that lunchtime and bedtime are high-traffic browsing hours (good summary of trends from Cerno). I’ll still post randomly, too, but I think a regular schedule will be more useful to my readers. This will be my first time using the WordPress.org built-in Schedule a Post feature. If you’re new to the Zepfanman.com blog, check my About section and tag cloud in the right-hand column to get a better idea of what topics I cover (naturally I blog about the things that are interesting to me, particularly free Internet tools that make life easier for the vast majority of Web users).

What should be the topic for the February 23rd post? Here’s what I’ve been brainstorming:

  1. Google Buzz does not help me
  2. Pusherman: An analogy for why I blog
  3. Observations on a new home town
  4. Have you tried Chrome?
  5. HRC’s Buying for Equality guide




8 responses to “New post every Tuesday morning”

  1. Amber Avatar

    I vote for the Buzz topic. I haven't investigated, yet.

  2. zepfanman Avatar

    Yeah, since it's such a hot topic, I'll probably do that before next Tuesday. Thanks for the input.

  3. ledcrowe Avatar

    i am subscribed to your blog via google reader. have you used it?
    i like the regular post idea. i have been thinking of doing that myself, except i was thinking about posting on mondays.
    my vote goes for either buzz or chrome.
    i saw you as a follower of the winter olympics on their official website. pretty cool.

  4. zepfanman Avatar

    I do use Reader and it's one of the reasons that I won't be using Buzz. So do you have a blog already? If not, what topics will you be covering?

    So this makes two Buzz votes, but a Facebook vote for Pusherman, too.

    I've been watching a lot of the Olympics. The curling is fascinating. You talking about the Facebook site? I do follow the official vancouver2010.com tweets, too.

  5. Brett Avatar

    I'd like to hear your take on Buzz. I've got a pending article about it from an I.T. management perspective, so usability-oriented view would help.

  6. ledcrowe Avatar

    I have had a blog for a while now, but I have been very infrequent in my postings to date. It is somewhat of a life commentary (my own personally, and my thoughts on current events, etc.) with some amateur philosophy. My intent is to improve my writing, to help me think things out better, and to have some interaction with people.

    I think I was actually on the official Olympic website. It had a link to the Facebook site and showed some people who are following the Olympics via Facebook. It looks like there's only a link to the Facebook page now. I watched some of the Olympics, but I haven't seen any of the curling yet.

  7. zepfanman Avatar

    The suspense is killing me… What's the link to the blog!?

  8. ledcrowe Avatar

    Right… here is the address: