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BEYONCÉ 2013 video album, YouTube previews (in order)

The official Beyoncé YouTube page has posted these 30-second preview tracks (released Friday, December 13, 2013). Here they are in the order they appear on the DVD; the director(s) are listed after each song title. It’s also worth checking out the “Self-Titled” mini art features that followed the release of the album.


  1. “Pretty Hurts” Melina Matsoukas 7:04
  2. “Ghost” Pierre Debusschere 2:31
  3. “Haunted” Jonas Åkerlund 5:21
  4. “Drunk in Love” (featuring Jay Z) Hype Williams 6:21
  5. “Blow” Williams 5:25
  6. “No Angel” @lilinternet 3:53
  7. “Yoncé” Ricky Saiz 2:02
  8. “Partition” Jake Nava 3:49
  9. “Jealous” Knowles, Francesco Carrozzini, Todd Tourso 3:26
  10. “Rocket” Knowles, Ed Burke, Bill Kirstein 4:30
  11. “Mine” (featuring Drake) Dubusschere 4:59
  12. “XO” Terry Richardson 3:35
  13. “***Flawless” (featuring Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie) Nava 4:12
  14. “Superpower” (featuring Frank Ocean) Åkerlund 5:24
  15. “Heaven” Knowles, Tourso 3:55
  16. “Blue” (featuring Blue Ivy) Knowles, Burke, Kirstein 4:35
  17. “Credits” 2:34
  18. “Grown Woman” (bonus video) Nava 4:24

Total length: 78:00

Tracks appear in a different order on the CD, which has a 66:35 runtime and does not include “Ghost,” “Yoncé,” and “Grown Woman.”