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Comparing De Sica and De Seta

Vittorio De Sica and Vittorio De Seta were both Italian filmmakers active from the 1950s into the 1970s.

Vittorio De Sica and Vittorio De Seta
De Sica (left) and De Seta (right) CC BY-SA-NL Nationaal Archief

De Sica (1901-1974) was born in Sora, Italy, raised in Naples, and later lived in Paris. He began as an actor and directed his first film in 1940. De Sica is most-known for the neorealist feature film, Bicycle Thieves (1948). He had three children (Emilia (Emi), Manuel, and Christian – also an actor).

Scene from Marriage Italian Style (1964, dir. De Sica)
Vittorio De Sica, still from I'll Give a Million (1935)
De Sica (left) in 1935, from I’ll Give a Million

De Seta (1923-2011) was Sicilian and focused his early documentaries on southern Italy and Sardinia. He called these ten short films “The Lost World.” The Film Foundation restored them in 2019 with new 4K scans and released them on The Criterion Channel. His first feature film, Bandits of Orgosolo (1961), was based off of one of his short films about shepherds on the island of Sardinia.

Italian trailer for Bandits of Orgosolo (1961, dir. De Seta)
Vittorio De Seta