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Led Zeppelin Evermore Discography I Led Zeppelin Discography

My discography is only current to the year 2000, when Latter Days was released. I don't plan on updating this since there are plenty of other sites (see bottom of page for list) with updated information. The main benefit to my discography is that it shows album covers and track times all in one page (and a second page for later releases). Also, I've highlighted newly-released songs from BBC Sessions and the Box Set.

Career Releases Led Zeppelin [I]
Led Zeppelin II
Led Zeppelin III
Led Zeppelin bigrunes.gif (2402 bytes) [IV]
Houses of the Holy
Physical Graffiti
The Song Remains the Same [live]
In Through the Out Door
Later Releases Coda
The Story of the Film
Box Set
Stairway To Heaven - 20th Anniv.
Box Set II
Complete Studio Recordings
Whole Lotta Love
BBC Sessions
Early Days: Best of
Latter Days: Best of

C a r e e r R e l e a s e s

LedZI.gif (8584 bytes)Led Zeppelin (I)
Released January 12, 1969; Remastered May 6, 1994
Like the Doors' first album, Zeppelin's debut album made them an instant hit. These are rock songs with some blues thrown in on the side.
(1)Good Times Bad Times 2:46 (2)Babe I'm Gonna Leave You 6:41 (3)You Shook Me 6:28 (4)Dazed and Confused 6:26 (5)Your Time is Gonna Come (6)Black Mountain Side 2:05 (7)Communication Breakdown 2:27 (8)I Can't Quit You Baby 4:42 (9)How Many More Times 8:28
LedZII.gif (14151 bytes)Led Zeppelin II
Released October 22, 1969; Remastered May 6, 1994
(1)Whole Lotta Love 5:34 (2)What is and What Should Never Be 4:44 (3)The Lemon Song 6:19 (4)Thank You 4:47 (5)Heartbreaker 4:14 (6)Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman) 2:39 (7)Ramble On 4:23 (8)Moby Dick 4:21 (9)Bring It On Home 4:20
LedZIII.gif (14627 bytes)Led Zeppelin III
Released October 5, 1970; Remastered 1970
(1)Immigrant Song 2:23 (2)Friends 3:54 (3)Celebration Day 3:28 (4)Since I've Been Loving You 7:24 (5)Out On The Tiles 4:05 (6)Gallows Pole 4:56 (7)Tangerine 2:57 (8)That's The Way 5:37 (9)Bron-Y-Aur Stomp 4:16 (10)Hats Off To (Roy) Harper 3:42
LedZIV.gif (16753 bytes)Led Zeppelin bigrunes.gif (2402 bytes) ( IV, Runes, Zoso )
Released November 8, 1971; Remastered 1971
The march of the dinosaurs that broke the ground for their first epic release has apparently vanished, taking along with it the splattering electronics of their second effort and the leaden acoustic moves that seemed to weigh down their third.
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(1)Black Dog 4:54 (2)Rock And Roll 3:40 (3)The Battle Of Evermore 5:51 (4)Stairway To Heaven 8:00 (5)Misty Mountain Hop 4:38 (6)Four Sticks 4:44 (7)Going To California 3:31 (8)When The Levee Breaks 7:07
LedZHous.gif (16655 bytes)Houses of the Holy
Released March 28, 1973
(1)The Song Remains The Same 5:28 (2)The Rain Song 7:39 (3)Over The Hills And Far Away 4:47 (4)The Crunge 3:13 (5)Dancing Days 3:41 (6)D'yer Mak'er 4:22 (7)No Quarter 6:59 (8)The Ocean 4:30
LedZPhys.gif (17042 bytes)Physical Graffiti (two discs)
Released February 24, 1975
DISC ONE (1)Custard Pie 4:13 (2)The Rover 5:36 (3)In My Time Of Dying 11:04 (4)Houses Of The Holy 4:01 (5)Trampled Under Foot 5:35 (6)Kashmir 8:31 DISC TWO (1)In The Light 8:44 (2)Bron-Yr-Aur 2:06 (3)Down By The Seaside 5:14 (4)Ten Years Gone 6:31 (5)Night Flight 3:36 (6)The Wanton Song 4:06 (7)Boogie With Stu 3:51 (8)Black Country Woman 4:24 (9)Sick Again 4:43
LedZPres.gif (10536 bytes)Presence
Released March 31, 1976
(1)Achilles Last Stand 10:26 (2)For Your Life 6:21 (3)Royal Orleans 2:58 (4)Nobody's Fault But Min 6:15 (5)Candy Store Rock 4:10 (6)Hots On For Nowhere 4:42 (7)Tea For One 9:27
LedZSong.gif (4296 bytes)The Song Remains The Same: The Soundtrack From The Motion Picture (two discs, live)
Released October 22, 1976
DISC ONE (1)Rock And Roll 4:03 (2)Celebration Day 3:43 (3)The Song Remains The Same 6:00 (4)The Rain Song 8:24 (5)Dazed And Confused 26:53 DISC TWO (1)No Quarter 12:30 (2)Stairway To Heaven 10:58 (3)Moby Dick 12:47 (4)Whole Lotta Love 14:24
LedZInTh.gif (14470 bytes)In Through the Out Door
Released August 15, 1979
(1)In The Evening 6:49 (2)South Bound Saurez 4:12 (3)Fool In The Rain 6:12 (4)Hot Dog 3:17 (5)Carouselambra 10:32 (6)All My Love 5:53 (7)I'm Gonna Crawl 5:30

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