When you can’t find it on Google.


I have an obsession with archiving information. I started what has now become Zepfanman.com in 1998 with a GeoCities page. I maintained Led Zeppelin Evermore throughout college as “the best place to start your Led Zeppelin search on the net with the most useful source of links and info available.” To this day, my detailed Zeppelin discography (through 2000) gets some of the highest traffic on Zepfanman.com.

In 2002, I finally settled on a domain name and the Wayback Machine started archiving my website. You can browse these archived copies of the site and see how cluttered the design used to be. In addition to Led Zeppelin Evermore, I saved links in every topic under the sun.

I started blogging in 2004, but I recently decided to take down most of the pages on Zepfanman.com that were created before 2007. You’d have to know me to understand the drastic professional, philosophical, and personal changes I made at the end of 2006. The site had a different purpose before and I don’t want that confused with what it is today.

In March 2009, I revived the blog after a two year hiatus (although I’ve archived entries from MySpace (1 & 2) and Facebook that I used until then). In what could be considered its 8th edition, I redesigned the site using WordPress, one of the most popular free content management platforms.

The 9th edition of late-2017 focuses on web standards. I’ve also crafted the site to be as self-sufficient as possible. External sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Letterboxd tend to come and go too quickly; while I use them, I try not to post too much unique content on external sites.

I welcome any constructive criticism on the website. Use the About page to comment or contact me directly. Thanks for stopping by! Peace.