3 films I probably won’t get to see in theaters

Documentaries are starting to get more theater time, but there are three recent ones that I probably won’t get to see until they’re out on DVD: Creation, Outrage, and Crude.

Coincidentally, I had started on this post just before going to the free Kentucky Short Film & Video Showcase on Tuesday night. I met one of the Louisville Film Society directors and mentioned Outrage & Crude. He said that both had played in town within the past two months! I was impressed, so I’m definitely on their mailing list now.

Why won’t most of us see these films? I hate to say it, but Americans just don’t like to think when they’re watching movies, even if they’re fascinating (as I’m sure all three of these films are). For example (re Creation), “a new British film about Charles Darwin has failed to land a distribution deal in the States because his theories on human evolution are too controversial for religious American audiences, according to the film’s producer” (Daily Mail, Sep. 13). Promoters cater to the lowest common denominator, or literally the biggest bang (explosions and sex) for the buck. Simple as that!

What movies do you want to see that aren’t in wide release?