You’re invited! Four events in and around Louisville

I’m so thrilled about these upcoming events (3/7-5/4: two concerts, a play, and a lecture) that I’m inviting everyone. I’ll be buying my tickets in the next two weeks—and none of them are more than $25. Charles Bradley will be at Exit/In in Nashville on May 4th; the others are all in Louisville, through the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts (voted four times as Kentucky’s best venue for music, theater and dance).

Alice in Black and White
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Last chance to see Led Zeppelin: This Tuesday

Before I get to my quick review, I’m happy to report that it’s not too late to see Led Zeppelin “live” (on the big screen). U.S. cinemas will be doing a reprise of the 2007 reunion concert, originally released in theaters on October 17th, this Tuesday (November 13th, 2012) at 7:30 p.m. I’m sure there will be other special showings throughout the world from time to time by the end of the year, as well. Check the official listings in your area.

Led Zeppelin, O2 Arena
Audience member photo, Led Zeppelin, London, 2007, by Paul Hudson (CC BY 2.0)
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SPIN’s 30 Best Fall Tours (full list)

A one-page, condensed list of SPIN’s 30 Best Fall Tours:

  1. Skrillex (9/2-11/12, *Skream Benga, Nero, et al)
  2. Portishead (10/1-10/27)
  3. Cymbals Eat Guitars (9/20-10/27)
  4. Wilco (9/13-10/5)
  5. Battles (10/1-11/1)
  6. Kanye West and Jay-Z (10/29-12/18)
  7. Feist (10/29-12/6)
  8. Beirut (9/21-11/13)
  9. Das Racist (9/12-11/7)
  10. EMA (10/7-10/30)
  11. Blink-182/My Chemical Romance (Now-10/8, *Manchester Orchestra, Matt & Kim)
  12. Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks (9/20-10/20)
  13. The Rapture (9/22-10/21)
  14. Odd Future (9/28-11/8)
  15. Grouplove (Now-10/26)
  16. Foo Fighters (9/14-11/6)
  17. St. Vincent (10/2-11/4)
  18. Neon Indian (9/15-10/21)
  19. Girls (9/14-10/9)
  20. Tiesto (9/15-10/8)
  21. Blitzen Trapper / Dawes (10/7-11/15)
  22. SBTRKT (10/25-11/5)
  23. Death Cab for Cutie (9/30-10/22)
  24. Yuck (9/22-10/14)
  25. Arctic Monkeys (9/23-10/18)
  26. Washed Out (9/13-10/17)
  27. Deadmau5 (Now-11/5)
  28. Foster the People (9/13-10/20)
  29. Cults (9/3-10/12)
  30. Gwar (10/18-11/27)

* Worthy opening acts (in my opinion).

How a hellish climate change meetup taught me to find my own way

J. R. and J. J.I met J. R. less than a year ago through The Great Michael Vine. J. R. shares my burden of saving the world. He is a lab rat and freelance journalist and writes for Scientific American and LiveScience. His book about the universe was published in 2009. Follow him on

Hello, readers!! Are you ready to rock?! ‘Cause I am. This is my first ever stint as a Guest Blogger, so big ups to J.J. for knowing quality when he sees it. If you like what you read here, check out my blog A Fistful of Science. Now let’s get down to it.

I’ve become increasingly interested over the past year in playing a more active role in my community. The big watershed for me was the death of Pops Minkel (my dad) in 2009. I realized how much of my grumpy attitude had come from him, and faced with the prospect of turning to “shit and dust,” as Michael Vine likes to say, I decided I wanted to spend my remaining days on Earth making as much of a difference as I could. I’ve since come to realize that being the change I want to see is going to be the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

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