Watch and share this new Pirate Bay documentary

TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Away from Keyboard is a fascinating documentary about the three founders of said Swedish file sharing website.

Watch and share the free film on (there’s an interesting annotated version there using LinkLib), or just stream it directly from YouTube.

tpb afk
(CC-BY Simon Klose)
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ASAPC Computer Support launches

Instead of spending time on a typical Tuesday Zep, I’ve been pulling apart PCs for the new computer support business that Jon and I have launched: ASAPC. While most technophiles avoid being the “computer guy” for family and friends, it’s actually something I enjoy, so tell people in the South Louisville area that Jon and I are friendly, qualified computer guys. See for details. A picture is worth a thousand words:

asapc workbench

ASAPC logo

Your hard drive will die… Back it up

Do you have precious pictures, music, and documents on your computer? I can’t tell you how many times people have asked me to help recover data from their failed hard drive. Consider this advice your data insurance plan. I think most of us would prefer to have a $300 fail-proof plan (on 1 terabyte of data, or as little as $50 if you only have a few gigabytes) compared to the $1000 to $3000 data recovery cost – with no guarantee – if your drive dies. I will use my own experience in buying a new drive, enclosure, and testing software to illuminate some of the things you should consider when it comes to backing up your data. I’m almost as wet behind the ears as the next guy when it comes to home-user backup strategies, so don’t take this as gospel advice. Please chime in with your own backup strategy.

Why you should have an offsite copy of your data (via Wikimedia Commons)

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Looking for Louisville IT job for August

<UPDATE Aug. 12th> Still job searching, but we have found a great little apartment in Old Louisville and will sign a 6 month lease when we move this Sunday, the 16th. Can’t wait to share pictures when we move in. Jon and Nathan are still looking for a farm house in the long run – not sure if I will move with them at that point.</UPDATE>

I am doing the full time IT job search for our August move to Louisville. I plan on applying to a lot of tech jobs in the next few weeks, so please don’t hesitate to Tweet, comment below, or contact me however you want if you have any leads for the Louisville, Kentucky area!

I was a systems engineer for three years as the first contact for all software and hardware needs for two conference centers. Please take a look at my LinkedIn profile. I am almost finished updating have updated my USAJOBS, GovernmentJobs, Navy Civilian Hiring, and Dice profiles. I also plan on using TEKsystems IT recruiting.

Jon, Nathan, and I are looking for a house in Louisville, as well. We’re busy trying to sell the Nashville home, so none of us have read up on the best places to live in L. Any recommendations in the real estate field up there are appreciated. Nathan will be attending UofL law in August and Jon’s transferring to a Walgreens up there. A small farm is what they’re looking for, but a condo or apartment in the meantime will be just fine.

Otherwise, you know I love me some good arts and culture in any town. What are your favorite resources for Louisville?