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Tag: IT

  • Watch and share this new Pirate Bay documentary

    TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Away from Keyboard is a fascinating documentary about the three founders of said Swedish file sharing website. Watch and share the free film on TPBAFK.tv (there’s an interesting annotated version there using LinkLib), or just stream it directly from YouTube.

  • ASAPC Computer Support launches

    Instead of spending time on a typical Tuesday Zep, I’ve been pulling apart PCs for the new computer support business that Jon and I have launched: ASAPC. While most technophiles avoid being the “computer guy” for family and friends, it’s actually something I enjoy, so tell people in the South Louisville area that Jon and…

  • Your hard drive will die… Back it up

    Do you have precious pictures, music, and documents on your computer? I can’t tell you how many times people have asked me to help recover data from their failed hard drive. Consider this advice your data insurance plan. I think most of us would prefer to have a $300 fail-proof plan (on 1 terabyte of…

  • Looking for Louisville IT job for August

    <UPDATE Aug. 12th> Still job searching, but we have found a great little apartment in Old Louisville and will sign a 6 month lease when we move this Sunday, the 16th. Can’t wait to share pictures when we move in. Jon and Nathan are still looking for a farm house in the long run –…