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Tag: Lars von Trier

  • Collecting Images of Liberation (Befrielsesbilleder, 1982)

    It is a challenge* to find commentary online about Lars von Trier’s film school graduation piece, Befrielsesbilleder (translated as Image of Relief / Liberation Pictures/Photos or variants of these words). Without giving away too much of the plot—is there one?—I’ve attempted to collect as much information about the film that I could dig up. Take…

  • Kirkeby’s panoramas in von Trier’s *Breaking the Waves*

    Per Kirkeby has created unforgettable works of art, some of which were commissioned for three of Lars von Trier’s films. After watching all of von Trier’s theatrical releases over the last three months, I kept returning to Kirkeby’s digitally-altered landscapes in Breaking the Waves (1996) for inspiration. To avoid spoilers, I’m including screenshots only of…

  • Lars von Trier film spreadsheet

    A public-editable Google Docs spreadsheet to sort through Lars von Trier films. Direct edit link, or scroll down to view the work in progress here on Zepfanman.com. (Photo by Christian Geisnæs via http://melancholiathemovie.com/#_download)