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  • Book review: Love Is an Orientation

    Considering I’m neither queer nor Christian, you may wonder why I would promote a book written by a self-proclaimed “straight, white, conservative, Bible-believing, evangelical male” who is sympathetic to the Queer Question. Even so, Andrew Marin’s┬áLove Is an Orientation strikes me as a brave discussion on the civil rights struggle between various Christian sects and […]

  • I’m an honest man

    It’s not very often that I blog about philosophical things. My subjective mind is vague and meandering, like a song that needs to be rearranged; please, feel free to translate and connect the dots between these impromptu thoughts. Tonight I’ve been thinking about how people judge my character. Like any good liberal, I try to […]

  • Chris Fedora: Guest Blogger

    The first guest blogger for Zepfanman.com is a fellow cookie lover. I met Chris Fedora at a four-week French immersion program in 1998. This Nova Scotian (now living in Nevada) is sharing the following inaugural post on his new blog, A Tip of the Hat to You. Without further ado, I’m proud to present “Love […]