1914 Trans-Antarctic Expedition Map

It’s still baffling to me how Shackleton thought this was a good idea. Compare the size of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean around it to the Northern hemisphere. It’s over 2,100 miles on land alone; approximately the same distance as a dogsled trip from Seattle, WA, to northern Michigan.

Shackleton’s planned 1914 route
Northern hemisphere
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The hazards and joys of bus commuting

I’ve been riding the bus to work for over five months. People frequently ask me what it’s like, so I present to you the good, the bad, and the ugly of bus commuting in Louisville, Kentucky. (See 12/15 UPDATE at the end about the bus breaking down.)

Louisville bus
3rd & Chestnut, Bunbury Theater (my stop).

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Free maps

My favorite part of Nashville
My favorite part of Nashville
“Google Maps are free as in beer, not as in speech,” reads the OpenStreetMap FAQ. I’ve always been fascinated by maps, so I thought it would be helpful to provide an update on the use of maps online.

Google allows the dynamic use of maps through their API, but you’re not allowed to take screenshots of the maps and post them elsewhere as images. Truly free maps are available on the OpenStreetMap. For basic use, I definitely recommend Google Maps – it loads faster and has more features. However, as with any open content project, I recommend OpenStreetMap whenever possible. The WikiProject Geographical coordinates is a very handy resource, as well, that links to dozens of mapping websites based on coordinates, like 36°10′00″N 86°47′00″W.

On a personal note, I’ll be traveling to Atlantic Beach, NC on Easter weekend to visit with my family. This got me thinking about other possible road trips… and so I decided to check out a map of the US. I could stare at a big, detailed map for hours.

OpenStreetMap of USA
OpenStreetMap of the USA