PBS Video even more compelling

PBS.org greatly improved its online video content last month. Sure, Google Video, YouTube, and Hulu can keep you occupied, but you can always count on PBS Video to provide quality, relevant programming. I rarely watch primetime television, so my recent discovery (thanks to a good friend) of FRONTLINE, Nature, NOVA and several other shows on the website has been quite eye-opening.

Not only do they have reliable Flash streaming of most of their shows, PBS Video also provides a wealth of additional information about their episodes. I was particularly taken by the April 21st FRONTLINE episode, Poisoned Waters.  “More than three decades after the Clean Water Act, iconic American waterways like the Chesapeake Bay and Puget Sound are in perilous condition and facing new sources of contamination. With polluted runoff still flowing in from industry, agriculture and massive suburban development, scientists note that many new pollutants and toxins from modern everyday life are already being found in the drinking water of millions of people across the country and pose a threat to fish, wildlife and, potentially, human health.” Poisoned Waters is also one of the videos that can be embedded, as I’ve done here:

Why We Love Cats and Dogs is another recent favorite of mine – made me cry!