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  • Now co-hosting the Cast50 Movie Podcast

    I’m proud to announce that my partner Aimee and I are hosting a new podcast, “where we question why women make up 50 percent of the world’s population but only a small percentage of the film industry.”

  • Favorite podcast episodes

    I’ve listened to a lot of good episodes from various podcasts since October (when I listed my favorite subscriptions). Here are a few that I rated the highest. Most of them should still be available to download, or at least to stream.

  • The hazards and joys of bus commuting

    I’ve been riding the bus to work for over five months. People frequently ask me what it’s like, so I present to you the good, the bad, and the ugly of bus commuting in Louisville, Kentucky. (See 12/15 UPDATE at the end about the bus breaking down.)

  • My favorite podcasts

    I listen to science, music, and news commentary podcasts on my bus rides to and from work (and often when I’m in my truck). I gave brief mention of my favorites in August with my “This podcast will blow your mind” Radiolab review of their “Limits” episode, but this entry has a  detailed rundown of 10 more…

  • This podcast will blow your mind

    Radiolab’s “Limits” episode literally explores what happens when the body, mind… and science are pushed to capacity. I’ve subscribed to several free podcasts since I started taking the bus in June and this is definitely one of the best 60 minutes of talk I’ve heard in a long time. (Hear it after the jump –…