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Tag: Spotify

  • Last.fm listening history

    I recently discovered that Spotify can link up natively with Last.fm. I’ve been using Last.fm to “scrobble” music that I listen to from various devices since 2006. In the last few years, I hadn’t kept up with the lastest scrobbling apps, but earlier this summer I got it going again. Here are some screenshots from…

  • Close to the Edge – Lisa Marie Presley (2012)

    From her full-length Storm & Grace album. Play on Grooveshark or Spotify (embedded below). File under: roots rock.

  • Best Tracks of 2013

    I was invited to play my favorite music of 2013 on The AP Hour, ARTxFM.com radio, 12/26/13. Here are the 13 tracks that I picked, with an additional 74 minutes that I could not fit into the 1-hour show. YouTube, Spotify, and Rdio playlists embedded below.

  • Forecastle 2013 artists playlist

    155 songs and over 11 hours of music on Mog.com in preparation for Louisville’s Forecastle Festival, July 12-14.* Used by permission from The Forecastle Festival I’m hoping Robert Plant will play a Zeppelin tune or two, like this totally reconfigured “Black Dog” performance last year. I’m not even going to mention any other “must see”…

  • Best Songs of 2012

    A YouTube playlist of my favorite videos and/or songs released in 2012. I generally prefer the studio tracks, but a few of these are live versions, mainly because there is no official studio version on YouTube. Also, in some cases, I enjoy the official video better than the song itself, and vice versa. A few…