Upgrading to 2.8.4

Sorry for the boring post, but wanted to alert about site outage this morning. Like my first upgrade in June, I still can’t use the “Upgrade Automatically” option, so the site will be down again for about an hour while I set up the latest version of WordPress 2.8.4.

I’ve had a slew of issues that just keep getting worse, so if you’ve had problems commenting on the site or getting to certain pages, cross your fingers that this will fix it! Gonna try to do it right now, 10:30 and should be done by 11am EST. See twitter.com/zepfanman for status updates.

<UPDATE>Didn’t take but 20 minutes. While I still have some problems with my dashboard, I think everything for you users should be working dandy!</UPDATE>

Upgrading to 2.8 today

The “Upgrade Automatically” button isn’t getting any further than “Downloading update from http://wordpress.org/wordpress-2.8.zip,” so I’m performing my first WordPress update today, the long way. Hopefully won’t be down long, say 11:30am-12:30pm CST.

Also plan on helping out my friend, Natty, this afternoon. He currently has his site on WordPress.com which has half the functionality as WordPress.org (the self-hosted content management system that I use for this site, as well).

Naked Empire Bouffon Company was founded in 2009 by Nathaniel Justiniano and combines social activism with grotesque satire in original, actor-created bouffon performances for the stage and street.

Wish us luck!

UPDATE (12:30): The Zepfanman.com upgrade seems to have gone pretty smoothly, although it doesn’t look like my Dashboard is displaying all the info panels. Gonna see if I can get a nice tag cloud to display on the right column of the site while I’m doing administrative stuff…

UPDATE (1:45): Dashboard still not displaying properly (will figure that out later), but got all my right column widgets working. Seems like a great new upgrade! Here’s the official WordPress Blog announcement and video.