An unforgettable event

<UPDATE> Event postponed until further notice, but you can still donate on the ABHF website. Planit Nashville actually has an even bigger bash planned for the future instead!</UPDATE>

The more I think about it, the closer I get to attending the  “$30 for 30” charitable event and birthday party on October 24th (I’m supposed to be in Memphis that weekend). Amber is one of the best event planners in the Nashville area and she’s one of the best people I know on top of that! There are certain people in this world who have such a loving aura around them, and Amber is one of them.

The party will be in Lebanon, but it’s worth the trip, even if you think you won’t know many people there. Most importantly, though, it’s for a good cause: The Anna Brooke Hurdle Foundation and a portion to the 15th Judicial District Child Advocacy Center. For more about ABHF and the event, go to the Planit Nashville website. Even if you can’t attend, please consider donating.

$30 for 30

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