Working on some site improvements

I’ve been up to a little site maintenance. I finally got a license in the footer, but I’m still trying to figure out the best way to back up my FriendFeed in the right column. I’m also trying to tweak my site feed so that the “Read the rest of this entry” cut-off shows up instead of the annoying 50-word automatic cut-off or full post.

Christmas breakfast

Boring post, I know, but this is mainly a test since it’s difficult to see if the WordPress settings I’ve changed are working. I’m testing the Excerpt Editor plugin for the “Read the rest” tweak, although I may try the seemingly outdated More-Feed-Excerpt plugin if the former doesn’t work. I’ll edit this with more details if I can figure any of this stuff out!

P.S. New Christmas video and photos.

<UPDATE 12/29> The Excerpt Editor plugin doesn’t seem to have worked, so I submitted a request for help on the official WordPress forum. </UPDATE>

<UPDATE 2, 12/29> K.I.S.S. concept: The basic More-Feed-Excerpt plugin seems to work just fine. I’ll likely stick with it and see how the next post turns out. Anyone want to be a guest writer again? I’m considering having a weekly entry that always comes out on the same day so people know when to expect new posts; maybe even have a set topic, like music & video of the week. </UPDATE>

<UPDATE 3, 1/22> I’m a little late with the update, but I actually ended up with a totally different feed plugin: Better Feed. </UPDATE>

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