Food, sights, and culture in Rome, Venice, and Athens

As I mentioned in my previous post, my friend Kurt and I took a vacation to Italy and Greece earlier this month. What follows is a budget-traveler’s recap of twelve days from Rome to Venice to Athens (I don’t think we ever spent more than $50 US on a meal for two – and Kurt doesn’t drink). Since neither of us had been to this part of the world before, we generally stayed on the beaten path and hit most of the typical sights in each city. The two of us combined took over 600 pictures; you can browse through about half of them online (mine, Kurt’s) for more vivid pictorial accounts of the trip.

3D Photosynth mosaic

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Photo Project 365

One photo a day for a year (2012). Now that I have a phone with a data plan, I feel that I can commit to it. Jaynee’s Instagram yesterday morning inspired me to give it a try. You don’t have to start on January 1st, but I’d love to have more people join us. (I’ll keep this page updated with any changes to the project; redirects here.)

Headshot for Project 365, J. J.
Headshot for Project 365

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I work again

After a week back in the workforce, I was feeling quite philosophical, but I couldn’t come up with a good theme that would work as a Tuesday Zep. Maybe next week if I’m feeling up to the task – it will probably be a private post, too…. Think “This I Used to Believe”. In the meantime, a few bits and pieces of what I’ve been up to lately.

Diamond stretching
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Another great Nashville visit

Took a trip with my lovely lady to Nashville this past weekend. Met up with a lot of friends and enjoyed yet another visit to my college town. Two birthdays, Dudamel symphony, Germantown Cafe, Robin Hood, Tribe, Play, Dan McGuinness, and lots of visits all over town. Special thanks to Michael the host, as always (who also posted some photos on Facebook). Photo highlights from my Flickr set:

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