So long, Lala

As I expected, Lala announced a few weeks ago that it will be closing its doors on the 31st. Next to, Lala was my favorite overall music site. The good news is that rumors are flying about a June 7th cloud-based iTunes announcement, although I doubt it will be anything near as excellent as the little-known Queen Lala (as I like to call her)… dethroned. Read on for more about the current state of online music. screenshot partial screenshot of Armistice release

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Update on Grandpa

Just a quick note for those who know and love my grandpa, Tex Knight. I’ll be posting updates randomly on Twitter, Facebook, and Friendfeed (also in the right column of my website)¬†but I don’t have a whole lot of online access other than texting and phone. Talked with him for about an hour this morning by his bedside and he’s doing quite well, heart pretty much beating on its own.

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Another great Nashville visit

Took a trip with my lovely lady to Nashville this past weekend. Met up with a lot of friends and enjoyed yet another visit to my college town. Two birthdays, Dudamel symphony, Germantown Cafe, Robin Hood, Tribe, Play, Dan McGuinness, and lots of visits all over town. Special thanks to Michael the host, as always (who also posted some photos on Facebook). Photo highlights from my Flickr set:

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Summer Movies I Want to See, Pt. 2

Here’s my 2nd annual list of summer movies I want to see. This year, there are 13: half blockbuster and half indie. Yahoo! has a decent¬†Summer Movie Guide with most of the movies below listed; if it’s not on Yahoo!, I’ve provided a relevant link at the end of the entry. Like I did last year, I’ll edit this with ratings as I see each film. If you enjoy original scores, play the YouTube music at the end of this post while you read…

The Birds (by Eduardo Fonseca)

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Flood support in TN & KY

It’s taken me several days to come to grips with the flooding in Nashville. At first, it literally hurt too much to read about the destruction in this city so close to my heart, but now I realize that this blog can be another channel to list sources of aide for the disaster. Nashvillest is keeping an updated account.

Nashville flood
Flooded Nashville Riverfront, Sunday (via tandemracer)

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