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Flood support in TN & KY

It’s taken me several days to come to grips with the flooding in Nashville. At first, it literally hurt too much to read about the destruction in this city so close to my heart, but now I realize that this blog can be another channel to list sources of aide for the disaster. Nashvillest is keeping an updated account.

Nashville flood
Flooded Nashville Riverfront, Sunday (via tandemracer)

As Keith Olbermann reported last night, “If there is anything worse than your community being hit by a disaster, it’s being hit by a disaster while other and bigger disasters unfold.” MSNBC video with flyover coverage:

Here’s an impressive video of shots taken from the ground from a local photographer. (Great song from The Album Leaf, too.) Discovered via Tennesseans using Social Media to tell the flood story, Knoxville News Sentinel:

Without reporting too many other numbers, you can imagine what kind of damage 51.85 feet of flooding has done to downtown Nashville. Here is the latest from The Wall Street Journal this morning, covering KY, TN, and MS. A few ways you can help:

Even though I’ve moved up to Louisville, flooding hasn’t escaped this area. The downtown area is expected to reach flood levels by Thursday even though it’s been sunny skies for the past week other than Saturday’s downpour. I took the photo below (and a few others) this morning, right down the road from our house in Shepherdsville. I’d say that the Salt River is about 20 feet higher than normal. Fortunately, I haven’t heard about any damage here. Compare the photo to the one Bryan Jones gave me permission to use.

Shepherdsville flood
Shepherdsville KY flood, Tuesday AM
Shepherdsville bridge
Normal river level (© CSX4500)

As always, feel free to add to the story by commenting below. Every little bit of news helps in these trying times. Stay strong, Nashville! (You always do.)


3 responses to “Flood support in TN & KY”

  1. amberhurdle Avatar

    JJ, I'm the same way. I want to know what is going on, but at the same time, it just hurts. Not only do I agonize over what my friends are going through with the loss and financial burden this is going to cause, I'm utterly sick for my beloved city. Nashville is such a part of me. I'm seeing the same scenes from all of my wedding pictures only now they covered in water. Where I stood in the Opryland Hotel to say “I do” is drowned. I chose all of those locations for the pictures because they meant so much to me and because they were all “so Nashville.” Now I look and am literally sick. It's sad to people here, but isn't something burdening anyone. Again, I find myself grieving alone while no one around me truly gets it. Just trying to focus on what is in front of me is so hard while my entire world in now under water. Thanks, yet again, for another compelling blog entry. Miss you. xo

  2. zepfanman Avatar

    It really is troubling to look at all those landmarks. I'm sure that the town, like New Orleans and countless other flood-drenched towns across the world, will never be the same after this.

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