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Louisville Attractiveness

My friend Kurt and I revisited the people watching survey from last year. Last month, he was visiting from Nashville and we were sitting outside the Heine Bros on Bardstown & Douglass. In addition to taking the Dancin’ Kid Vid, we took about 45 minutes to judge the people around us and agree if they were attractive or not.

Louisville Attractiveness

With only 37 people judged, it wasn’t as busy as the Nashville park from last year’s study, but the Unattractive percentage was almost identical (73% compared to 72% last year). We did not do a Maybe this time. Saturday, July 10th, 6:50pm. Where do you think would be a better place (in Louisville) and time to find attractive people?

For the general public reading this, yes, I agree that this is a shallow exercise, but you know you’d like to do it yourselves, too.




2 responses to “Louisville Attractiveness”

  1. Amber Avatar

    Lol. You crack me up!

  2. Kurt Avatar

    Lol; hilarious. Thanks for the post. AND, btw check out JJ's and my handy audio and video work on the Dancin' Kid video if you havent seen it already… http://zepfanman.com/2010/07/dancin-kid-vid/