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Tag: feminism

  • Now co-hosting the Cast50 Movie Podcast

    I’m proud to announce that my partner Aimee and I are hosting a new podcast, “where we question why women make up 50 percent of the world’s population but only a small percentage of the film industry.”

  • Let’s hear some women talk

    Let me take a moment to explain in my own words something that is very important to me. I just saw the new X-Men (Days of Future Past). Out of all the comicbook-to-film series, I think I’ve enjoyed the X-Men the most. These mutant stories weave political, scientific, and psychological themes with eye-popping muscles and…

  • Naked Fat Girl Extravaganza

    Glamour magazine released a photo of a normal looking woman in their September issue. Anyone larger than a six is considered “plus-size” in the fashion industry. Initially unnamed, Lizzi Miller was known as the “woman on p. 194” to the thousands of readers who wrote in with comments like “This beautiful woman has a real…