When you can’t find it on Google.

Tag: humor

  • John Wick Candle

    Surely this exists somewhere in real life. Otherwise, here is an image at least for the public domain. By Zepfanman.com. Not available for sale (from me, anyway).

  • Dancin’ Kid Vid

    My friend Kurt was up for a few days last week and we were spending some time on Bardstown road – Homemade Ice Cream & Pie Kitchen, Za’s (1st time there, noticed they have Xingu), Bunz, Baxter Avenue Theater, and just about every used music & movie store. We also stopped by Desserts by Helen,…

  • My IMDb votes explained

    You may have noticed my Internet Movie Database (IMDb) lists on my About page or frequent appearances on my FriendFeed. I’ve been adding movies to IMDb for a long time (I currently have 1501 of them); while the website usability hasn’t improved much in its near-20-year lifetime, IMDb has been a handy free database. I’m…