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Dancin’ Kid Vid

My friend Kurt was up for a few days last week and we were spending some time on Bardstown road – Homemade Ice Cream & Pie Kitchen, Za’s (1st time there, noticed they have Xingu), Bunz, Baxter Avenue Theater, and just about every used music & movie store. We also stopped by Desserts by Helen, but they had closed 20 minutes before we got there. Kurt was determined to have dessert, so he got some Graeter’s ice cream next door. It wasn’t unbearably hot outside, so we sat down at the Heine Bros patio. We were conducting the Attractiveness Experiment redux (results coming soon) when a kid, probably 17 years old, walked out of the coffee shop with his laptop and headphones, apparently ready to rock. I took a video.

dancin' kid

Embedded video after the jump…




2 responses to “Dancin’ Kid Vid”

  1. facebook-1576715073 Avatar

    This would make a great animated GIF!

    1. J. J. Avatar

      Oooh. Never attempted that. What’s the best tool to get the job done? ytmnd