Flood support in TN & KY

It’s taken me several days to come to grips with the flooding in Nashville. At first, it literally hurt too much to read about the destruction in this city so close to my heart, but now I realize that this blog can be another channel to list sources of aide for the disaster. Nashvillest is keeping an updated account.

Nashville flood
Flooded Nashville Riverfront, Sunday (via tandemracer)

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4 new band discoveries

I’m always listening to music, new and old, pop and indie. Today, I’d like to highlight four bands you’ve probably never heard of. Okay, maybe you’ve heard of Joanna Newsom, but I’d be surprised if you knew Derik LaRon, Cheyenne Marie, or This Will Destroy You. These are bands that I’ve discovered in the past few months and are all actively making records. Check their tour dates now while they’re playing in smaller venues and selling cheaper tickets!

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Tasty Mega Green juice

I discovered a new organic juice today during my Louisville Exploration. There are several flavors of R.W. Knudsen Family® brand’s Simply Nutritious® juices and I randomly picked out Mega Green. I’d never heard of the brand before, but I’ve enjoyed the flavor and I am trying to decide how nutritious it is.

Mega Green juiceNathan’s a little shocked at the 27g of sugar in an 8 oz. serving, but I’m intrigued by these spirulina (620mg) and chlorella (420mg) ingredients. The people at Amazing Grace Whole Foods on Bardstown seem pretty knowledgable, so maybe I’ll ask their opinion next time I go in there. (Jon and I were very impressed with their small store and will definitely be going back. I think it’s the closest organic store to the apartment.) After checking the Knudsen website, though, I’m confused at the actual nutrient content in the 32oz bottle I bought ($3.99). Other than the calories, all the ingredients on the bottle are more plentiful than the ingredients listed on their website! 120 cal (vs. 130), 100% Vitamin C (45), 25% A (4%), etc. That’s a significant difference!

As you can see from the picture, it looks (and also tastes) a lot like the Naked Green Machine which I’ve enjoyed many a time. While Mega Green probably doesn’t pack quite the “Superfood” punch that the Green Machine does, it’s a better deal. I’ll probably try some of their other flavors, but hopefully I can get some answers about the correct dietary facts!