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  • Now co-hosting the Cast50 Movie Podcast

    I’m proud to announce that my partner Aimee and I are hosting a new podcast, “where we question why women make up 50 percent of the world’s population but only a small percentage of the film industry.”

  • Zeppelin update: Spotify, reissues, and session samples

    Without fail, every year there are bits of Led Zeppelin news to share. In December, they finally released their catalog to Spotify. In January, Jimmy Page claimed he would start releasing remastered albums this year. This week, you can listen to sample practice recordings made during Physical Graffiti sessions.

  • Three uncommon websites to visit daily

    Ugg, I don’t remember these short winter days ever bothering me much in the past, but this year it seems like the darkness makes my eyelids heavy every evening. I have a feeling that I won’t have another good in-depth post until December 21st when the days start getting longer. Fortunately, though, the past few days…

  • Mottos with God

    I recently discovered that, in addition to the national motto “In God We Trust”, there are 5 states and 1 territory that have God in theirs. Colorado and Connecticut imply God in their mottos.

  • World Cup soccer in South Africa

    The FIFA World Cup starts in less than 3 days. It’s good to see South Africa (the country that recently brought us District 9, Invictus, and Die Antwoord) hosting and I hope this month’s competition brings the world just a little closer together. This is the first time an African nation has hosted. Leaving politics aside,…

  • So long, Lala

    As I expected, Lala announced a few weeks ago that it will be closing its doors on the 31st. Next to Last.fm, Lala was my favorite overall music site. The good news is that rumors are flying about a June 7th cloud-based iTunes announcement, although I doubt it will be anything near as excellent as…