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  • Flood support in TN & KY

    It’s taken me several days to come to grips with the flooding in Nashville. At first, it literally hurt too much to read about the destruction in this city so close to my heart, but now I realize that this blog can be another channel to list sources of aide for the disaster. Nashvillest is…

  • Urbanite on a farm

    The dog is always the first to greet me as I step out the back door onto the porch. The horses gather together in one of their seemingly random spots in the south field. Cali (one of three cats) scoots along the fenceline near the shed.

  • David Gray – 2010 Louisville review

    We had to chuckle at David Gray’s accent each time he came out with an energetic “Thank you, Lew-is-ville!” The sincerity behind the statement, though, was in spirit with the rest of his fantastic performance at the Louisville Palace, Friday March 26th (with opening band Phosphorescent).

  • Encomium

    Meet Michael Paul Vine, a friend for life and a Renaissance man.

  • Best resources for puppy training?

    We’ve done some reading and gotten advice from the vet, but we’ll take all the help we can get with our (technically Jon’s) 14-week-old pit bull. She is generally a sweet dog, but we have so many questions! What resources and training have you used for your puppy?

  • First snow

    It snowed! We had fun. Photos. That’s all for now. Happy New Year!