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  • Mottos with God

    I recently discovered that, in addition to the national motto “In God We Trust”, there are 5 states and 1 territory that have God in theirs. Colorado and Connecticut imply God in their mottos.

  • How a hellish climate change meetup taught me to find my own way

    I met J. R. less than a year ago through The Great Michael Vine. J. R. shares my burden of saving the world. He is a lab rat and freelance journalist and writes for Scientific American and LiveScience. His book about the universe was published in 2009. Follow him on Twitter.com/JRMinkel. Hello, Zepfanman.com readers!! Are you…

  • East Coast Thanksgiving

    I haven’t made the drive to Philadelphia in quite a while and this was my first trip along the Louisville-Philadelphia route. I crammed in a lot of driving, but couldn’t pass up the chance to visit Rachel and Liz in DC, as well. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to have dinner on Sunday with…

  • 3 films I probably won’t get to see in theaters

    Documentaries are starting to get more theater time, but there are three recent ones that I probably won’t get to see until they’re out on DVD: Creation, Outrage, and Crude. Coincidentally, I had started on this post just before going to the free Kentucky Short Film & Video Showcase on Tuesday night. I met one…