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Chris Fedora: Guest Blogger

The first guest blogger for is a fellow cookie lover. I met Chris Fedora at a four-week French immersion program in 1998. This Nova Scotian (now living in Nevada) is sharing the following inaugural post on his new blog, A Tip of the Hat to You. Without further ado, I’m proud to present “Love […]

Free maps

“Google Maps are free as in beer, not as in speech,” reads the OpenStreetMap FAQ. I’ve always been fascinated by maps, so I thought it would be helpful to provide an update on the use of maps online. Google allows the dynamic use of maps through their API, but you’re not allowed to take screenshots […]

Be a guest blogger

This is an invitation for my people to come on board the blog. I have a lot of friends and family who don’t live in Nashville. Every once and a while, we get into some interesting topics over the phone or IM, but I’m often curious to see how we use the “written” word, […]

Nashville Attractiveness

Michael and I were at Centennial Park on Wednesday reading our books and enjoying the warm Spring sneak peek. We quickly turned to judging people’s (anyone appearing to be 18-60 years old) attractiveness. There is an approximate 1-mile jogging loop, so we grabbed the first available swinging bench (southeast side) and began our study. The […]

New blog for all things J. J.

I’ve just installed WordPress 2.7.1 on my website. This is the obligatory first post. The what, when, and why will come later. Basically, though, I’m reviving my blogging blood. It’s always bugged me to have my online identity spread all over the web (Facebook, MySpace, Blogger, etc.), so I’m back to a proprietary blogging platform. […]

Scream – Chris Cornell album review

In the shadow of U2’s release last week comes Chris Cornell’s groundbreaking album, Scream. If you’ve listened to any of the hype, you’ll most likely not give the former Audioslave & Soundgarden frontman much of a chance this time around. On the contrary, I’m quite enamored by this “album-oriented album” (as Cornell himself pitches it) […]