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Another great Nashville visit

Took a trip with my lovely lady to Nashville this past weekend. Met up with a lot of friends and enjoyed yet another visit to my college town. Two birthdays, Dudamel symphony, Germantown Cafe, Robin Hood, Tribe, Play, Dan McGuinness, and lots of visits all over town. Special thanks to Michael the host, as always (who also posted some photos on Facebook). Photo highlights from my Flickr set:


michael jj

Stay tuned for the Tuesday Zep. Sorry it’s late today; as my friend Nick says, “You can’t rush quality.”




2 responses to “Another great Nashville visit”

  1. ledcrowe Avatar

    Aw man… I got quoted… Sweet… Actually, that has been passed down quite a bit… from my Dad… who passed it down from his High School Latin teacher (don't remember his name)… how far back does that one go back? The world may never know…

  2. zepfanman Avatar

    At least we have part of the puzzle, documented here for eternity.