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Month: August 2010

  • This podcast will blow your mind

    Radiolab’s “Limits” episode literally explores what happens when the body, mind… and science are pushed to capacity. I’ve subscribed to several free podcasts since I started taking the bus in June and this is definitely one of the best 60 minutes of talk I’ve heard in a long time. (Hear it after the jump –…

  • Louisville Attractiveness

    My friend Kurt and I revisited the people watching survey from last year. Last month, he was visiting from Nashville and we were sitting outside the Heine Bros on Bardstown & Douglass. In addition to taking the Dancin’ Kid Vid, we took about 45 minutes to judge the people around us and agree if they…

  • Mottos with God

    I recently discovered that, in addition to the national motto “In God We Trust”, there are 5 states and 1 territory that have God in theirs. Colorado and Connecticut imply God in their mottos.

  • I did the hundred

    It took me almost two months, but I finally completed the hundred pushups training program today. If you go to my pushups logger page, you can see at the bottom that I failed my first 3 tries. In fact, I actually gave up the first time I had tried the program in early 2009.

  • A Louisvillian’s 3 days at Lollapalooza 2010

    My usual event review with photos, videos, and itinerary.

  • 28 Questions – A Meme

    I haven’t done any of these meme questionnaires since February 2009. The instructions don’t mention tagging anyone, but I’ll call out alienlogic, Building a Better Me, and Open Laptop-Open Vein (all on my blogroll); feel free to change it up. Via Sunday Stealing.