Natty is my guest blogger this week

nattyNathaniel “Natty” Justiniano is a friend I knew only briefly in Nashville, but we’ve stayed in touch for almost three years in different parts of the country. He is one of those people who has an attentive ear and a genuine concern for people – even the ones he has just met. Last year, he founded the Naked Empire Bouffon Company in San Francisco, an ensemble-based theatre company dedicated to the training, research, and performance of bouffon.

He has agreed to share some of his recent life experiences and philosophy – right up my alley. Look forward to a couple of posts this week from the Artistic Director of NEBC… starting with:
The Thriving Natty Dream Team (Part I)

9/29 UPDATE:
If part 1 grabbed you, part 2 will really get you thinking. He is a pleasure to read, and it is an honor to have him share his thoughts here.
The Thriving Natty Dream Team (Part II)