Video clips and history of world cinema: 1938-1947

10 Years 10 Films (10Y10F) is a project to display embedded YouTube selections of cinema history. This is Decade Six of a series that gives the viewer a quick time-lapse view of how movie technology and style has developed throughout the world – one clip each year – from 1888 through 2017, starting with the foundations to see how filmmakers build or deconstruct them.

World cinema 1938-1947

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Which email subscription service should I use?

Greetings, particularly to the email subscribers of my blog. First, let this serve as a heads up that the current Google Feeburner service WILL END IN JULY, so I’ll be transferring subscribers to a new service in the next week or two.

Currently,, Feedio, and Feedblitz are my top contenders, each with decent options available for free or less than $50/year. What do you recommend? I doubt I’ll ever have more than 100 followers, so keep that in mind. I use WordPress, too. I know there are some plugins for WordPress, but I’m not sure which are the most reliable and affordable.

If I’ve still got your attention and you haven’t been on in a while, I’ve been focusing mainly on the continuing 10 Years 10 Films project, since 2017! It’s been an eye-opening journey working through world film history, one decade at a time, starting in 1888. I was also inspired to produce a “What Is the Bible?” series last year, from a Christian-turned-atheist’s perspective. In music news, I got my stats up and going again last summer, so you can see what I’ve been “scrobbling” lately.

Thanks for tuning in. Expect Part 6 of 10 Years 10 Films in July!

Queer films and directors, 1938-1947 (10Y10F VI Bonus List)

Some of the gay and lesbian stereotypes in these films are clearly damaging, others are celebrated as coded queer classics in a time when “sex perversion” was forbidden in Hollywood. An interactive version of this list, with notes on each film, can be found at Letterboxd.

Still from Fireworks (1947)
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What is the Bible? Part 3

This is an examination of the popular Christian biblical canon of scriptures, and the manuscripts thereof. This is not an interpretation of what the Bible means. I made it personal in Part 1 to give you some context of where I’m coming from. Part 2 details the development of the Old Testament. Here in Part 3, I will dive into the New Testament and provide my answer to the question, “What is the Bible?” My goal is the give you the tools through a field called “textual criticism” to answer that question for yourself. Hopefully the “Biblical canon manuscripts.xlsx” spreadsheet from Part 2 will help you with that answer. I’m packing a lot of nerdy terms into this post that are easily Googleable, or found on Wikipedia, but the synthesis of those terms and ideas is my own.

1612 King James “She” Bible* (Insight of the King)
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