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  • Movies watched in 2022

    Movies watched in 2022

    These are my 19 favorite films this year. I’ve never been much of a superhero fan, but The Batman and new Doctor Strange were quite enjoyable, as well as the Werewolf by Night special. On the wave of Marvel’s Multiverse Saga, A24 added to the mayhem with Everything Everywhere All at Once. Disney’s other big…

  • Federated social media is the future

    Federated social media is the future

    Takeaway after using Mastodon for a few days: Federated social media is the future. The mass exodus from the birdsite this month shows that people are hungry to use tech that is not corporately owned. But don’t expect free services to protect your data. Invest in a website where you have control of the content.…

  • 1914 Trans-Antarctic Expedition Map

    1914 Trans-Antarctic Expedition Map

    It’s still baffling to me how Shackleton thought this was a good idea. Compare the size of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean around it to the Northern hemisphere. It’s over 2,100 miles on land alone; approximately the same distance as a dogsled trip from Seattle, WA, to northern Michigan.

  • Video clips and history of world cinema: 1948-1957

    10 Years 10 Films (10Y10F) is a project to display embedded YouTube selections of cinema history. This is Decade Seven of a series that aims for a quick time-lapse view of how movie technology and style has developed throughout the world – one clip each year – from 1888 through 2017, starting with the foundations…

  • Comparing De Sica and De Seta

    Vittorio De Sica and Vittorio De Seta were both Italian filmmakers active from the 1950s into the 1970s.

  • Movies watched in 2021

    These are my 20 favorite films this year. More than any other year that I can think of, the release schedule of films were really thrown off due once again to another year of COVID. Nomadland and A Quiet Place II, for example, are technically 2020 films, but they didn’t get a wide release until…